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I was absolutely captivated by Peggy Seeger. Her performance at the UU Dome was more than just a concert. It was an experience that involved and touched me. Her music is a wonderful blend of traditional and original songs. - Jan Milner

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Songs of Love and Politics is a wonderful introduction to Peggy Seeger for those of you who are not familiar with her work and a delight to those love her work.
- Don Jacobsen, KVMR Radio


The Long Harvest

THE LONG HARVEST -10 CD set plus 1 CD of notes


longharvest300.jpgTraditional English and Scottish Ballads with older and newer versions and forms based on legendary volumes compiled by Francis J. Child

Note: The CD-sets come with copies of the inserts that accompanied the original vinyl LPs. This documentation is in pdf, a form that most, if not all, current-day computers can display, and when printed, the result looks very close to the original inserts.

PDF files cannot be searched for occurrences of texts. The individual ballad texts cannot be singled out to be displayed on a computer. At, a website has been put up that makes the texts of these ballads more accessible. The texts of the ballads from both sets of disks, as well as the descriptions of the ballads can all be found there.




1 Minnorie
2 The Swan Swims Sae Bonnie
3 There Was an Old Lord
4 Peter and I
5 The Cruel Mother
6 The Cruel Mother
7 Down by the Greenwood Sidey-O
8 The Lady from Lee
9 The Cruel Mother
10 Lord Randall
11 Jimmy Randall
12 Henry My Son
13 Willie Doo
14 Croodin Doo
15 Billy Boy
16 The Shepherd Lad
17 Clear Away the Morning Dew
18 Katie Morey


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1 Riddles Wisely Expounded
2 The Devil's Nine Questions
3 The Elfin Knight
4 O, Say Do You Know the Way
5 Scarborough Fair
6 The Elfin Knight
7 The Cambric Knight
8 My Father Had an Acre of Land
9 The Daemon Lover
10 The House Carpenter
11 The House Carpenter
12 Well Met, Well Met
13 The Dreadful Ghost
14 The Ghost Ship
15 Pretty Polly

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1 Our Goodman
2 Five Nights Drunk
3 Lamkin
4 Lammikin
5 The Gypsy Laddie
6 Black Jack Davy
7 The Heartless Lady
8 Harrison Brady
9 The Broomfield Hill
10 Fair Maid on the Shore
11 The Lover's Ghost
12 The Grey Cock
13 I'm a Rover
14 Here's a Health to All
15 Lover in the Night

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1 Bawbee Allab
2 Barbry Ellen
3 Barbry Allen
4 Sir Eglamore
5 Wild Boar
6 Old Bangum
7 Ole Bangum
8 Lord Gregory
9 Lass of Roch Royal
10 George Jeems
11 Who Will Shoe Your Pretty
12 The Knight & The Shepherd's

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1 The Crafty Farmer
2 Well Sold the Cow
3 The Highwayman
4 The Highwayman Outwitted
5 Fair Damsel from London
6 Wife of Usher's Well
7 The Three Babes
8 Lord Lovell
9 Lord Lover
10 Abe Lincoln Stood
11 New Ballad of Lord Lovel
12 Sir Hugh
13 Fatal Flower Gardens
14 Little Saloo
15 It Rained a Mist
16 Burly Banks of Barbree-O
17 Bonnie Banks of Airdrie-O

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1 May Colvin
2 Lady Isabel & the Elf Knight
3 The Outlandish Knight
4 Billy Came Over the Main
5 The Willow Tree
6 The Wife of Kelso
7 Rich Old Lady
8 Johnny Sands
9 Brave Earl Brand & the King
10 The Douglas Tragedy
11 Earl Brand
12 The Lady and the Dragoon
13 Prickle Holly Bush
14 Hangman

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1 George Collins
2 Young Collins
3 Clerk Colven
4 Giles Collins
5 The Dying Hobo
6 Lord Thomas of Winsberrie
7 John Barbour
8 The Three Ravens
9 The Three Ravens
10 The Twa Corbies
11 The Crow Song
12 The Three Crows
13 The Three Ravens
14 Poor Old Crow
15 Sir Patrick Spens
16 Sir Patrick Spence

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1. Young Beichan
2 Lord Bateman
3 Turkish Rover
4 The Cherry Tree Carol
5 Sweet Mary and Sweet Joseph
6 Joseph and Mary
7 Lucy Wan
8 Fair Lucy
9 What Brought the Blood Upon
10 Edward
11 The Puddy in the Well
12 Froggie Went A-Courting
13 King Kong Kitchie
14 There Was An Old Frog

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1 The False Knight & Wee Boy
2 The False Knight
3 The False Fidee
4 False Knight Upon the Road
5 The Dowie Dens of Yarrow
6 No Name
7 Yarrow
8 Willie's Fair & Willie's Rare
9 The Braes of Yarrow
10 Wife in the Wether's Skin
11 The Daughter of Peggy
12 Gentle Fair Jenny
13 Rissilty Rossilty
14 Queen Jane
15 The Death of Queen Jane
16 Jane Was a Neighbor
17 Queen Jean
18 Poor Sally
19 Six Lords Went A-Hunting
20 Three Dukes

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1 The Trooper & The Maid
2 Soldier Traveling From North
3 Trooper and the Maid
4 Betsy
5 The Brewer's Daughter
6 The Keach in the Creel
7 The Little Scotch Girl
8 Lord Thomas & Fair Annie
9 Little Margaret
10 Sweet William & Fair Annie
11 Lady Margaret
12 Lowlands of Holland
13 The Lowlands of Holland
14 The Lowlands of Holland

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