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Since 1959, Seeger has written hundreds of songs. Those who regard Joni Mitchell, Carole King, and Laura Nyro as the first generation of singer-songwriters to craft material from women's experiences should think again. Seeger is a missing link between the 1950s American folk-song revival and women's liberation; the guitar-toting chanteuses of the 1970s could not have existed without either of those movements. - Laura Pellegrinellli, The Village Voice

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On Almost Commerically Viable, both Peggy and Irene's voices are really fresh, despite their combined ages of over a century. Peggy sounds clear and sharp in the hard-hitting song 'Guilty' and seductive in the jazzy 'Sweet Heroine'. Irene has a soft voice, high and light, which complements Peggy's voice well.
- Andy Malkin


New City Songster - by Volume

Volumes 1-20A-listed by: -Subject--Author--Song title--Volume--Year  


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Volume Title Author Subject Year
1.01 Ballad of The Big Cigars Ewan MacColl K 1968 Cuba - history of the revolution
1.02 Lament for the Death of a Nobody Ewan MacColl B 1968 - from gold watch to scrap heap and anonymity: your fate if you demand too little
1.03 Song of Choice Peggy Seeger B 1967 - don't let apathy make you blind to fascisim
1.04 Brother Did You Weep? Ewan MacColl J 1967 Vietnam - description of brutality sponsored by West
1.05 I Support the Boycott Peggy Seeger M 1963 South Africa - refusal to buy their food & drinks
1.06 Grey October Critics Group J 1968 Vietnam - comparison of carnage with toll from Aberfan
1.07 Student Edward Ewan MacColl C 1968 after Paris riots. Conditioning via beatings & gas
2.01 Black Boy Ballad Trevor Lashbrook N 1969 boy born on Hackney Estate - life of abuse
2.02 Dead Men The Peggy Seeger W 1968 capitalism - trade in arms to Nigeria
2.03 Hull Trawler Disaster The Frankie Armstrong S 1969 avoidable disaster - owners take no responsibility
2.04 Well Get The Concrete In Ian Stewart S 1969 avoidable disaster - owners only interested in job
2.05 Prime Minister Cut Down in His Prime The Ewan MacColl and John Faulkner A 1970 Harold Wilson defeated by Heath after attempt to clamp down on Union Power (Castle's 1969 In Place of Strife) which upset the Left
2.06 Compañeros The Ewan MacColl K 1968 Cuba - courage of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara
2.07 Che Guevara Peggy Seeger K 1968 Cuba - Che Guevara hunted down in Bolivia
2.08 Little Sashes Hammond D. I 1969 Ireland - conditioning from different factions
2.09 China Rag The Sandra Kerr and Ewan MacColl C 1969 superiority of Britain (Harold's wage freeze!) to China
2.1 Hello Friend Peggy Seeger N 1969 Birmingham in wake of rivers of blood speech
3.01 Ballad of Accounting The Ewan MacColl B 1964 audit: have you acted to shape society or merely accepted an unjust status quo?
3.02 Jack the Lad John Pole F 1970 search for escape leads to lethal dose of methadone taken for a laugh
3.03 We Don't Want to Live Like That Ewan MacColl C 1968 post Paris - we see through the propaganda!
3.04 Tidbits for Tenants Anon E 1970 overcrowding frozen wages and evictions.
3.05 Big Pneumatical Drill The Eric Finlayson X 1970 courting - metaphor drawn from hard labour
3.06 Mysterious Lover The Chris Culbert X 1970 courting - metaphor drawn from nature
3.07 Bridget and the Pill Brian Pearson O 1970 courting - birth control discouraged by the Pope
3.08 Bogside Man The McIlvogue I 1970 Ireland - violent resistance to heavy policing
3.09 White Tornado The Jim O'Connor M 1970 South Africa - apartheid / racism in rugby
3.1 Clayton Aniline Song The Pete Smith S 1970 injury or poor health resulting from work
3.11 Children The Peggy Seeger B 1968 - don't build walls to shut out poverty and war
3.12 Bold Enoch Powell Brian Pearson A 1970 after expulsion from cabinet: rivers of blood speech
3.13 Teachers Need to do Homework John Faulkner and Sandra Kerr T 1970 need for teachers to learn from miners and dustmen about the power of strike action.
3.14 Ballad of Rosie The Dick Snell E 1970 responding to eviction attempt
3.15 Backs Against The Wall Donneil Kennedy E 1970 squatting new flats as a response to pricey slums
Vol 4/5
Unknown Soldier The Jack Warshaw J 1970 Vietnam - American G.I. changes to Ho Chi Minh's side
4.02 Lily The John Pole X 1970 courting - metaphor drawn from nature
4.03 O'Reilly and the Big MacNeill Donneil Kennedy L 1970 the big man on the building site is cut down to size by the rumour/legend of a bigger man.
4.04 Grape-Pickers' Tragedy Jack Warshaw K 1970 Mexico: death through dangerous work conditions
4.05 Jeelie-Piece Song The Adam McNaughtan E 1970 unsuitability of high-rise flats e.g. children's play
4.06 Travellers Came to Red-Bridge The Dick Snell and The Critics Group N 1970 travellers unwanted in Walsall Galilee Auschwitz. Fault of all of us since we elect The Council
4.07 Brother Jack Warshaw J 1970 Vietnam: encouragement to change sides
4.08 Boots and Laces Miles Wootton F 1971 disaffected youth - vandalism and violence
4.09 My Son Peggy Seeger Y 1970 family: questions to son ready to leave the nest
4.10 Prince Philip's Lament Frankie Armstrong Brian Pearson Pat Creedy & Geoff Lowe A 1970 personal traits & beliefs on class differences
4.11 Barney Hughes ' Bakery Van McIlvogue I 1970 Ireland: Belfast bakery van thwarts B-specials
4.12 Advice to the Lovelorn John Fryer X 1970 agony aunt envious of client's knowledge of sex.
4.13 Hippies and the Beatniks The Miles Wootton O 1970 alternative lifestyle for woman cast as housewife.
4.14 Orient Company The Peter O'Toole R 1970 response to London unemployment: emigrating on a very hot steam turbine steam while awaiting better work
4.15 At The CentrePoint John Pole and Peggy Seeger E 1970 office blocks lying empty for nearly three years
4.16 Fields of Vietnam The Ewan MacColl J 1967 Vietnam: history of brave struggle against France & USA
4.17 Ballad of Jack Lynch McIlvogue I 1970 Ireland: workers unite informers and those selling out their country to England.
4.18 Tunnel Tigers The Ewan MacColl Q 1966 toil of Irishmen digging the London Underground in dark conditions while other people enjoy light.
4.19 Iron-Moulder's Wedding The Graeme Miles Q 1970 people wear their occupations even at a wedding!
4.2 Cut-Price Hero Ewan MacColl A 1970 Enoch Powell - racist beliefs
4.21 In Canning Town Sandra Kerr X 1970 courting - loving encounter curtailed by daytime
4.22 Nightmare Ewan MacColl V 1970 nuclear war: space station view of dead planet earth
4.23 Wasteland Lullabye Peggy Seeger V 1970 nuclear waste & other pollutants: story of how beautiful the world was before. Silent Spring II.
6.01 Jenny Bell Mahala Nice O 1971 giving & unafraid pregnant & child adopted
6.02 Do You Wanna Come Clean? Sandra Kerr U 1971 air quality
6.03 Kent Massacre The Jack Warshaw J 1970 Vietnam protest at Kent College. US students murdered by Ohio National Guard.
6.04 Mr. Fox John Pole O 1971 violence to women - abduction and murder.
6.05 We Are the Engineers Ewan MacColl T 1960 in praise of these skilled workers and their union.
6.06 McCoy Hotel The Jack Warshaw E 1971 high-rise for poor (crowded) V high-rise for the rich
6.07 New Boys The Ewan MacColl D 1970 Ted Heath's Cabinet - mainly men
6.08 Night-Visiting Song Sheila Douglas X 1971 courting - loving encounter curtailed by daytime
6.09 Too Much of a Good Thing Sheila Douglas X 1971 courting - loving encounter ending in male exhaustion
6.1 Nightshift Peggy Seeger X 1970 courting - loving encounter ending in male exhaustion
6.11 Tea-Leaf Song Colin Meadows F 1971 thief disaffected from the system by low pay
6.12 Sweet Thames Flow Softly Ewan MacColl X 1966 courting - romance ends in disappointment
6.13 Ballad of Ho Chi Minh The Ewan MacColl J 1954 Vietnam after defeat of French at Dien Bien Pau
6.14 Black Lung Hazel Dickson S 1969 injury or poor health from work
6.15 Uncle Sam Peggy Seeger J 1970 the several faces of US imperialism
6.16 Instant Food Miles Wootton H 1971 downside of fast food: unhealthy tasteless boring
6.17 Yankee Doodle Ewan MacColl J 1967 Vietnam composed under Wilson recorded under Heath. Details the atrocities of US war.
6.18 Fred the Computer Miles Wootton G 1971 causes havoc / nuclear war - never trust machines!
6.19 We Are the Young Ones Peggy Seeger C 1970 post Paris riots. Old hypocritical order wearing thin
6.2 Tall and Proud Ewan MacColl J 1970 Vietnam - an alternative view to Nixon's our boys are standing tall and proud out there.
7.01 Punch and Judy John Pole O 1972 institutional violence - always the same story
7.02 Wolviston Rook Shoot Graeme Miles Z 1972 the hunter becomes the hunted
7.03 Western Trader The Jimmy Brown Q 1972 showcasing hard work - steam ships
7.04 Jimmy Gray Peggy Seeger X 1972 courting - loving encounter versus procrastination
7.05 Banks of the Tees The Graeme Miles P 1972 atmosphere of Teesside - dying industries
7.06 Shellback Song Ewan MacColl Q 1972 hey-day of sea faring and the shellbacks who are no more
7.07 Bogside Doodle-bug McIlvogue I 1972 Ireland - violent resistance to heavy policing
7.08 Hollow Hill The Jimmy Brown Z 1972 birdwatching is better than seeking out fairies
7.09 Sea-Coal Graeme Miles Q 1972 showcasing hard work - sea-coal selling
7.1 Rubber Bullets Wylde I 1972 Ireland - life behind the barricades
7.11 Orange and the Green The Paul O'Brien I 1972 Ireland - call to workers to rise up over factions
7.12 They'll be the Lads Graeme Miles Q 1972 showcasing hard work as a moulder or foundry man
7.13 Exploration Gordon McCulloch & Paul Lenihan I 1972 Ireland - emigrating in order to work
7.14 I'm Gonna be an Engineer Peggy Seeger O 1971 discrimination in the workplace against women
7.15 Captain Reynolds John Pole O 1972 individual who murders women is torn apart like a fox
7.16 Anti-Carol John Pole E 1972 no room at the inn updated to modern squalour
7.17 Smuggling Men The Wylde I 1972 Ireland - control by spiking roads crossing the border
7.18 Darling Annie Peggy Seeger O 1971 relationships - gender equality
7.19 With Love to Angela Davis Ewan MacColl B 1971 call to action (using guns if necessary) - note Amnesty's refusal to support ANC due to resort to guns
7.2 Sludge-Boat Song The Jimmy Brown Q 1972 in recognition of boats carrying effluence from Glasgow
8.01 Buffalo Holler Peggy Seeger S 1972 accident arising from working condition: slate mine
8.02 Nation of Animal Lovers Ewan MacColl B 1968 British trait of preferring tame animals to humans
8.03 Herring Grounds Of Forth The Matt Armour S 1972 accident arising from working condition: herring fishing
8.04 Moor O' Hograh The Graeme Miles P 1972 atmosphere of the moors
8.05 Lairdsfield Disaster The Graeme Miles S 1972 accident arising from working condition: cargo vessel
8.06 Tees-side British Erick Gooding Q 1972 Dorman's Ackland Steel Plant up until its closure
8.07 Farewell to Ireland Ewan MacColl I 1972 Ireland - emigrating in order to work
8.08 Stan Don Henderson L 1972 AU strikes - relationship between factory owner & workers
8.09 Westgate Bridge The Don Henderson L 1972 AU accident arising from poor & hurried construction
8.1 Age in Between The Michael Flood Y 1972 comment on life: pros & cons of different ages
8.11 Someone Up There Don Henderson L 1972 AU snooping watching invasions of privacy
8.12 Day I Took the Vow The Ed Pickford X 1972 male view (humorous) on the drawbacks of marriage
8.13 Tam Bridie Matt Armour S 1972 accident arising from working condition: fishing aged 15
8.14 Shira Dam The Helen Fullerton S 1972 casualties from hard labour building the dam
8.15 Bermondsey Ballad A Michael Flood R 1972 grim life of teacher unexpectedly improved by errant pupil's dad who turns on the real nuisance
8.16 A-83 The Helen Fullerton P 1972 spectacular scenery along Scottish road
8.17 Nowhere Now Hamish MacColl F 1972 alienation disaffected youth trapped in a cell
8.18 Caviar on the Rent Book Bob Gale E 1972 myth of scroungers; driven to crime to pay rent
9.01 Watergate Peggy Seeger A 1973 Richard Nixon - person & policies
9.02 Piddlethwaite Jug Band Hits the Charts The Trevor Crozier & Kevin Sheldon 1973 a shambolic band ends up playing to cows
9.03 Talking Exam Blues J.F. MacNamara Y 1973 May/June daydream - stress of exam results
9.04 Happy Pappy and the Funny un People Hamish MacColl E 1973 comparison of living conditions of different classes
9.05 Giant Leek The Ed Pigford H 1973 Leek Show challenge and attempted sabotage
9.06 South Stratford Lady The Claudia Gould O 1973 leave home domestic service become pregnant end up homeless baby's body found.
9.07 Manner of the World Nowadays The Peggy Seeger D 1973 unacceptable face of capitalism (for Shelter)
9.08 My Wedding Day C & T Dibley A 1973 Princess Anne - November wedding to Mark Phillips
9.09 Look at You! Ewan MacColl F 1968 alienation among teenagers caused by parents dropping out of life.
9.1 Rambling Boy Jerry Spring O 1973 rambling around is not the prerogative of men only; women ramble too!
9.11 Alvediston Shepherd The Paul Whiteley R 1973 contribution of poor weather to working conditions.
9.12 Lullabye for a Very New Baby Peggy Seeger Y 1973 joys and hardships arising from new born baby
9.13 Testimonial Peter Bellamy P 1973 valley of Stiffkey between Kings Lynn and Norwich
9.14 Big Stockbroker Country The Mick Sadler D 1973 tongue-in-cheek wish to live like a rich capitalist
9.15 I Want to Lie Here in the Sun Miles Wootton F 1973 kids-lib song rejecting rules but also sensible diet!
9.16 Let's Pretend Ewan MacColl B 1968 using escapism to shut out the world as it is
9.17 At the Raleigh Seth Miles S 1973 poor health resulting from hard working conditions
9.18 Angel in Black J.F. MacNamara Y 1973 tribute to Margaret James who died in a car crash
9.19 Migrant Labourer The Dicky Bondy Q 1973 showcasing heavy work in construction industry
9.2 Three Quid a Week Mick Ryan R 1973 kids who leave school without good exam results face low wages which drive them into the army
9.21 Night Rider heard in a club in Barking A 1973 Lord Longford - crusades against pornography
9.22 Live Wire anon A 1973 Richard Nixon - caught out for bugging
9.23 Crazy Mixed-up Bull The Sheila Douglas Z 1973 amusing narrative: bull reacts to electric shock
10.01 Allende's Song Don Lange K 1974 US imperialism: re Chile
10.02 Dryin' Green The Eric Finlayson & Wylde P 1974 day in the life of a public open space (Scotland)
10.03 Graveyard Shift The Les Gleason Q 1974 hard work drinking and banter with the wife
10.04 Word The Vera Johnson C 1974 don't censor when info is already known by all!
10.05 Transport Cowboy Sam Richards T 1974 warning to strike-busters
10.06 Men o' the North The Sheila Douglas P 1974 changing occupations reflected in landscape
10.07 Building Speculator The Sam Richards E 1974 a curse on this monster.
10.08 Freedom Won't Lie Easy Rod Shearman K 1974 Chilean dictatorship cannot silence everybody.
10.09 Big Man Peggy Seeger J 1973 US imperialism in its various guises
10.1 Come Tae Your Dad Jim Brown R 1974 hard times for father to encourage son: unemployment
10.11 New Song On The City of Belfast A Wylde I 1974 Belfast's troubles are its life. Rioting becomes a purpose.
10.12 McFadyen's Motor Car Vera Johnson X 1974 birth control: accidents still possible in a static car
10.13 Regular Randy Dandy John Moulden & Wylde Q 1974 showcasing toil of a Belfast riveter and shipwright
10.14 Hard Times Hamish MacColl F 1974 alienation in simple steps from school to prison cell
10.15 Internment Wylde I 1974 Ireland: a call for freedom amid violent conflict
10.16 Sheik of Araby The Anon J 1974 lament: when oil Sheik's stop supporting the West.
10.17 Old Glasgow Town Jim Brown P 1974 change reflected in the landscape. New generation.
10.18 Juggernaut John Pole U 1974 pollution of atmosphere and depletion of resources
10.19 Talking Want Ad Blues Janet Smith O 1974 reversal of traditional male/female roles Re housework
10.2 Deep-Sea Fishermen The Matt Armour S 1974 hard work off shores of Iceland risking life & limb
10.21 Still He Slumbered Sam Richards T 1974 man's attendance at workplace gets later and later but when there's a strike he gets there very early!
10.22 Layabouts Vera Johnson Q 1974 in praise of layabouts whose work does no harm!
10.23 Jack Wilson Sam Richards U 1974 poor transport planning kills villages & increases pollution.
10.24 Chips Vera Johnson H 1974 everything on the menu comes with chips even chips!
10.25 Streak Patricia O'Nell X 1974 advice to prudes on how to hide their natural curiosity.
11.01 Propeller Song The Jim Brown R 1975 toil as punishment for messing with boss's daughter.
11.02 Swallow and Trout Fred Rooke Z 1975 the moment when two incompatible creatures meet
11.03 Girls in Our Town Bob Hudson L 1975 AU isolation of teenage girls in Australia who grow up all to quickly.
11.04 Ballad of Alison Kraus Don Lange J 1970 Vietnam protest at Kent College. A student in US murdered by National Guard.
11.05 Coal Hole Cavalry Ted Edwards P 1975 working day in Wigan marked by the sound of clogs
11.06 Henry Kissinger Ed Pickford A 1975 statesman/peacemaker by day & playboy by night
11.07 Down at Our Canteen Ted Edwards H 1975 Liverpool lament: the food is unfit for consumption
11.08 Winter Song Hamish MacColl X 1975 a courting plea for adventure
11.09 Modern Army Can't Fight Song The Don Lange J 1975 lament by a gun-nut army lifer deprived of war
11.1 Workers' Christmas Carol Anon R 1975 jobs with no holidays divide families
11.11 Roving Fifer The Matt Armour R 1975 enough of roving & temporary employment: layoffs
11.12 Multigrab and Unibrew Miles Wootton D 1975 unacceptable capitalism: RE quality of the bitter
11.13 Up in Wisconsin Don Lange U 1975 harming the environment with chemicals concrete etc.
11.14 Bloody Wakes Week Ian Parr P 1975 boredom re annual shutdown of Lancashire Mill towns
11.15 Harvest Home The Matt Armour Q 1975 cod fishing: hard work can be enjoyable if you don't stress
11.16 Song for Calum Peggy Seeger Y 1975 profile of son: Calum MacColl
11.17 Parliamentary Polka Ewan MacColl D 1977 pay restraint is the answer to everything! Go on grafting!
11.18 Out of My Pocket Peggy Seeger D 1974 money from my hard work goes to them not me!
11.19 Work-Study Song Ian Parr S 1975 beware of productivity deals which offer more pay but give you so much to do that you flake out.
11.2 Requiem for a Steel Town Ted Edwards P 1976 Irlam near Manchester dies with its steelworks
12.01 Winter Song Ian Parr R 1976 injustice of economic downturn and unemployment
12.02 One Miner's Life Ed Pickford R 1976 injustice of downturn in mining due to cheap oil
12.03 O Mither Mither Sheila Douglas X 1976 mother advises daughter not to fear dexterous musicians
12.04 Belfast Song Eric Bogle I 1976 cost of the conflict for families losing sons: wasted lives?
12.05 Isle of May Matt Armour P 1976 nine miles off Anstruther in mouth of the Firth of Forth
12.06 Big Mansion House Eric Bogle D 1976 mill owner's house reflects class inequality
12.07 Bampton Fair Paul Wilson P 1976 Atmospheric song. Mixed feelings about a place
12.08 Factory Lads Sam Richards R 1976 tongue-in-cheek picture of ideal working conditions
12.09 Ladybird Ted Edwards D 1976 unequal society leaves child wishing on his own
12.1 Sick Note The Pat Cooksey S 1976 accident arising from working condition: building site
12.11 Old Grey London Hamish MacColl P 1976 changing landscape robs London of it soul
12.12 Generations of Change Matt Armour P 1976 changing occupations in NE Scotland & coastal waters
12.13 Nine-Month Blues Peggy Seeger O 1976 birth control: a woman's right to choose
12.14 Automobile Song The Joanna Cazden U 1976 damage to environment: pollution & resource depletion
12.15 Canine Eneuretic The Bob Gale and David Everett Z 1976 dog fouling in Harlow
12.16 Pitside Is Quiet Today The Ted Edwards P 1976 dead town: closure Irlam steelworks nr Manchester in 1974
12.17 Car Mechanics Song Paul Wilson R 1976 being an all-rounder as a motor mechanic is hard enough; unit replacement will mean fewer of them
12.18 Asbestos Dust Sam Richards S 1976 asbestos dust as part of poor working conditions
12.19 Now I'm Easy Eric Bogle R 1976 hard life of a cocky farmer is easier because it's nearly over
12.2 Canteen Tea Alan Lavercombe H 1976 no escape from poor canteen tea even in heaven!
12.21 Jobs Ted Edwards R 1976 labour exchange has lots of jobs but none for you!
13.01 Casuals The Harry Robertson R 1977 ups & downs of being on a temporary contract
13.02 Channels The Graham Penny S 1977 nervous anticipation & physical sickness when sailors are within a day or two of docking after sea toil.
13.03 Ballad of Real Ale Kevin Pratt H 1977 superiority of pump-pulled real ale over bottled ale or pressurised beers
13.04 Black and White Ewan MacColl M 1961 anti-apartheid song following Sharpeville massacre
13.05 Home Soldier Home Wylde I 1977 a British troops out of Belfast song
13.06 High Clay Lands The Bob Hughes P 1977 Suffolk where children are worn out through farm labour
13.07 Simple Life The Chris Rogers P 1977 camp-site surroundings: better than the city??
13.08 Mary and Me Eric Bogle E 1977 poverty trap: born in the slum die in the slum
13.09 Bold Librarian The Joy Rutherford X 1977 warning to village folk who fancy roving librarians!
13.1 Ones That Got Away The Joy Ashworth X 1977 unlucky in courting then unlucky when a man wants to stick around.
13.11 Queensland Whalers The Harry Robertson L 1977 AU Moreton bay hunting the humpback whale.
13.12 Band Played Waltzing Matilda The Eric Bogle L 1977 AU patriots' charter ignores the lessons of war.
13.13 Housewife's Alphabet Peggy Seeger O 1976 poor working conditions of housewife
13.14 Workers' Song The Ed Pickford D 1977 cast aside by new tech but needed as canon fodder
13.15 Tankerman's Song Harry Robertson R 1977 no home life for drivers of big tankers months away at sea for low pay.
13.16 Wild Colonial Guy Alan Whittle F 1977 alienation: Birmingham boy goes his own way and ends up in prison
13.17 King Kong Sam Richards M 1977 ambition of a S African boxer thwarted due to race
13.18 Song of the Immigrant Chris Rogers N 1977 Midlands: refused office work loan. A scapegoat.
13.19 Labouring Man The Sam Richards Q 1977 showcasing good labouring practices & lamenting the death of them!
13.2 Trico Strike The Sam Richards T 1977 strike victory: equal pay for women in spite of obstacles.
14.01 Voices from the Mountain Ruthie Gorton S 1978 harm done by strip mining: environment & black lung
14.02 Song for an Irish Colleen Kt Movat & L. Mackay O 1978 pregnant woman leave Ireland for Liverpool no thanks to Pope or the father of her child - not real fathers
14.03 Father's Song The Ewan MacColl D 1978 father's lullaby: advice to son on big wide world
14.04 Invader The Peggy Seeger V 1978 abuse of the planet: nuclear waste
14.05 Exile Song The Barry Gilder M 1976 difficulties of being in exile while struggle goes on
14.06 Economy Game The David Everett R 1978 cuts to education and their effects on teachers & pupils
14.07 On the Assembly Line Miles Wootton G 1978 assembly lines for every time of life - even death
14.08 Legal Illegal Ewan MacColl D 1977 the law is 'a con' supporting the rich and the great.
14.09 Bum Again David Everett F 1978 disillusionment in time of heavy government cuts: from school onto the dole
14.1 Miss Heroin Anon F 1978 drug addiction: soldiers returning from Vietnam war
14.11 Blast Against Blackguards Ewan MacColl D 1977 freedom belongs to the rich: the rightful owners!
14.12 Soweto Song Barry Gilder M 1978 the struggle goes on in spite/because of casualties
14.13 Winnie and Sam Peggy Seeger O 1978 domestic violence regardless of class background
14.14 Shift-Worker's Lament Alan Lavercombe R 1978 harm done by shift work to life including sex life!
14.15 You and I Ewan MacColl X 1977 a love song: the joy of being together
14.16 I am Homeless Anon O 1978 homelessness trap in context of domestic violence
14.17 Tenant Farmer Ewan MacColl R 1977 from agriculture to industrial production line in order to afford the cost of food
14.18 Caged Bird Ernie Oakleaf O 1978 offer to take stock and help knock down cage's door
14.19 Today is his Signing Day George Mitchell S 1978 unemployment life without a purpose
14.2 Emily Peggy Seeger O 1977 a bare refuge is better than domestic violence
14.21 Coldbath Fields Bill Meek P 1978 hard labour in a prison
15.01 Bad Beer Paul Wilson H 1979 passing the buck for beer so nasty that the chemical mix didn't even succeed as disinfectant.
15.02 What Care I? Brian O'Keefe L 1979 AU hard life as a rover/conscript always moving on!
15.03 Where is Your Daddy Son? Ewan MacColl M 1978 anti-apartheid struggle tears men from families
15.04 Taxing Pleasures Paul Wilson X 1979 bawdy courting using economic jargon
15.05 Kingaroy King Ewan MacColl L 1979 AU Joh Belke-Petersen - gerrymandering in Queensland
15.06 Doing Time anon L 1979 AU tough conditions in an Australian jail
15.07 Looking for Work Clem Parkinson L 1979 AU to politician who blames workers for inflation
15.08 Pit Away Your Fancy Dress Ian Davison O 1979 unwanted pregnancy trap: home / job / baby?
15.09 G.M.H. Song Clem Parkinson L 1979 AU plea to nationalise US-owned General Motors Holden
15.1 High Street Motorway The Ian Davison U 1979 proposed E flank of Glasgow's inner ring-road thru town
15.11 Different Therefore Equal Peggy Seeger O 1978 logic of equality of opportunity for women and men
15.12 We'll All be Home & Dry Roger Wodiss & Denny Kevans L 1979 AU who gains when unions exercise pay restraint?
15.13 Reclaim the Night Peggy Seeger O 1979 women's right to be free from rape & to say No
15.14 Little Girl Child Peggy Seeger O 1978 advice to daughter not to accept second best
15.15 Song of the Sheet-Metal Worker John Dengate L 1979 AU change to industrial lifestyle imposed by poverty
15.16 When the Bells Ring Ian Davison P 1979 Hogmanay - New Year in Scotland
15.17 Bread Makin The Don Minifie X 1979 bawdy courting song promoting services of bakers
15.18 It's Really Me to Blame Scott Clement B 1979 my abject silence allows global injustice & inequality
15.19 A-30 Miles Wootton P 1979 rainy environment as an alternative to Costa Brava
15.2 Bill From Exskineville John Dengate L 1979 AU ordinary family bloke struggling to survive
15.21 Brass Band Song Scott Clement P 1979 listen to your surroundings to make the best music
16.01 Homeless Man Harry Robertson E 1980 lonely life trapped as an outcast drifter and drinker
16.02 My Old Man Ewan MacColl R 1986 effects of temporary work and unemployment
16.03 Acceptable Risks Charlie King V 1957 nuclear testing in Nevada desert: leukaemia
16.04 Four Minute Warning Peggy Seeger V 1980 effects if a nuclear war in the south of England
16.05 All Used Up Utah Phillips U 1980 using up people to use up the planet!
16.06 Royalty Royalty Shock John Dengate A 1980 sympathy for queen surrounded by idiots
16.07 Cargo of Dread Don Lange V 1980 transport of nuclear materials
16.08 Androids The Ewan MacColl A 1980 Margaret Thatcher - likened to an alien being.
16.09 Blair Peach Anon N 1979 NZ teacher died in police custody after anti-Fascist demo.
16.1 Southern English labourer The Paul Wilson R 1980 who gets the benefit from almost any labouring job?
16.11 Apathy Joe Ted Edwards B 1976 leave the protesting (strikes & Chile) to others!
16.12 Empires of Plenty Sam Richards Q 1980 forced to change from agricultural to industrial work to pay for food grown on the land left behind.
16.13 Let Us Praise Famous Men and Women Ewan MacColl A 1980 Margaret Thatcher - critique of person & policies
16.14 Trouble in Coal Country Arthur Smith T 1978 / 79 attempt to break miners strike in US: Carter
16.15 They All Do It Sam Richards X 1980 well argued case for mating!
16.16 Maggie Mary John Marchant & Ian Dobson R 1980 unemployment and homelessness
16.17 Agent Orange Song Muriel Hogan J 1980 Vietnam - use of chemicals comes home to roost in USA
16.18 F-One-Double-One The Lyall Sayers & Clem Parkinson V 1980 the downside of weapons including nuclear
16.19 Plea to the Undeserving A Ted Power D 1980 it's alright for some but not all. Fairness please!
17.01 Coal and Albert Berry The Ted Edwards S 1981 mining involves fatalities but fighting the coal will continue
17.02 Ballad of Pat Brady The Don Minifie F 1981 crime: prison helps to make crime pay!
17.03 Draglines Deborah Silverstein U 1981 destruction of homes & habitats from strip mining
17.04 Nobody Knew She Was There Ewan MacColl O 1977 Ewan's mother's toil & isolation as a cleaner.
17.05 What The Poet Called Her Ewan MacColl O 1980 reject men who cast you into unequal roles. Find one who shares the housework but writes a good poem too.
17.06 Under The Leaves of Life John Pole W 1981 make love not war - rich world (love) poor world (war)
17.07 Fishes Need Bicycles Clem Parkinson L 1981 AU man courts a flat fish which actually needs a bicycle!
17.08 Vandals The Ewan MacColl V 1980 effects of nuclear war: throwing away the planet.
17.09 Misfit's Story Yan Sharangparni N 1981 freedom to roam in Brixton without skinhead attack.
17.1 Enough is Enough Peggy Seeger V 1981 enough trouble in world without nuclear weapons
17.11 Kilroy Was Here Ewan MacColl Q 1980 in praise of the anonymous labour which drives the system
17.12 Uni-Multi-Factors Int. Paul Wilson & Marilyn Tucker R 1981 laying off and rehiring with time and motion facilitated by Monopoly power. The Jaeger song.
17.13 I'm a Pneumo Jim Moreland & Keith Gregson S 1981 National Coal Boards lame attempts to protect lungs and denials of damage to health.
17.14 Microbe's Picnic The Clem Parkinson L 1981 AU pollution of beaches in Port Phillip Melbourne
17.15 Laid Off Alan Lavercombe R 1981 no social stigma any more for the numerous unemployed!
17.16 Thi Fayther's Comin' Wom Ted Edwards R 1981 work in the pit leaves limited time to play with kids!
17.17 Taft-Hartley Song Charlie King T 1981 cooling-off law designed to break strikes 1979 Carter
17.18 Dancing Boilerman The Charlie King R 1981 an injection of the dance floor can turn gloom in the boiler room of a golfball factory to a hot delight
17.19 Is the Big Fella Gone? Rod Shearman U 1981 finback whale at risk of extinction
18.01 Take The Children & Run Don Lange V 1982 accident to reactor in nuclear plant
18.02 Hero of Goose Green The Denis Kevans L 1982 AU casualty from The Falklands War
18.03 Goodbye Monday Blues Si Kahn S 1982 cotton dust from the mills: dexterity turns to coughing
18.04 New Chum Crutcher Brian O'Keefe L 1982 AU lament following inept attempt at sheep-shearing
18.05 Fair Rosie Di Williams F 1982 driven by mill town environ into mental home in Lincs
18.06 Marvellous Melbourne Clem Parkinson L 1982 AU song about a place loved by Biggs & Stonehouse
18.07 Please Mr Reagan Peggy Seeger V 1982 request for missiles (e.g. cruise at Greenham)!
18.08 Nice People Like Us Sam Richards D 1982 class divisions needed to sustain nice people!
18.09 Gone Gonna Rise Again Si Kahn U 1982 importance of planting seeds to sustain the future
18.1 Blood Upon The Grass Adam McNaughtan K 1982 protest at Scotland V Chile fixture.
18.11 Cats Are Taking Over The Leslie Fish Z 1982 response to perceived increase in the cat population
18.12 Workers' Control Song Clem Parkinson L 1982 AU solution to hard times is to fire those at the top.
18.13 Storm Force Ten Don Lange U 1982 oil pollution threat through too many platforms
18.14 Goodbye To St Lawrence Sam Richards S 1982 irresponsible mining destroys workforce resulting in closure laying waste to place off Newfoundland
18.15 Oor Hamlet Adam McNaughtan 1982 Potted version: illustrating lack of realism in ballad plots
18.16 Aragon Mill Si Kahn R 1982 mill closure: empty streets & nowhere to go for mid-lifers
18.17 Shopping Around Alan Lavercombe O 1982 man proves that he is better at shopping but returns home with the wrong baby. Can't multi-task!
18.18 Old Woman's Song Claudia Schmidt F 1982 old woman isolated: fear of going out gets poor treatment from young left behind by her family
18.19 People Like You Si Kahn Y 1982 tribute to fighter - probably a campaigner to emulate
18.2 Talking Neutral Gender Blues Kristin Lems O 1982 need for gender equality in language - turned tables!
19.01 Go to Work on Monday Si Kahn W 1984 shot down i World War II but still forced to work
19.02 Men Who Make the Missiles The Kevin Littlewood W 1984 arms industry - a job's a job or is it something worse?
19.03 Way Down The Road Craig Johnson J 1984 stark choice between hard labour (e.g. mining) or war
19.04 Urchin's Song Clem Parkinson L 1984 AU children's role models: helluva fighter v helluva singer
19.05 I Cried Ruth Pelham Y 1984 effect on children when parents separate
19.06 Song of My Da Paul O'Brien T 1984 support the union (not their wars) demand what is yours.
19.07 Tune of Death Jock Purdon W 1984 stuff your medals. No one wins the war
19.08 Fifty-Nine Cents Fred Small O 1984 discrimination against women in jobs and pay
19.09 Maggie Wants a Missile Sam Richards A 1980 Margaret Thatcher - protect & survive years
19.1 Layabout Song Gill Booth V 1984 sketch on how others see Greenham women
19.11 Carry Greenham Home Peggy Seeger V 1983 Greenham Common Peace Camp - bring the message home
19.12 Henry The Accountant Paul Kaplan G 1984 a human brain versus a calculator: the human wins but dies through overwork and is sorely missed!
19.13 Wimmin's Ball The Clem Parkinson L 1984 AU warning to men who gatecrash women only events
19.14 Anthracite Tommy Patten S 1984 dangers of mining to all but the songwriter who is warm because he has fuel to burn!
19.15 Still Ain't Satisfied Bonnie Lockhart O 1984 moves towards gender equality are only token.
19.16 Damned Piney Mountains Craig Johnson S 1984 dangers of logging: loss of fingers
19.17 Just Lukewarm Martin Brown V 1984 Christmas island nuclear tests of 1958: cancer
19.18 Working in the Hospital Ian Davison P 1984 calypso style description of process of being a patient
19.19 When the Glory's All Gone John Pole & Banner of Birmingham W 1982 Falklands War: French missile. Uk trained pilot.
19.2 Ode to Bob Hawke Clem Parkinson L 1984 AU critique of hollow promises to end the class war
19.21 You Ain't Been Doin' Nothin' If You Ain't Been Called a Red Elliott Keenan B 1984 better to field your opponents' jibes than not be involved in the struggle!
19.22 Tomorrow Peggy Seeger V 1984 Peggy's court statement: acting for the future!
19.23 Lovely Little Island Peggy Seeger J 1984 Cuba 1950s Grenada 1983 and Greenham !983
19.24 Armanent Lullabye Bob Bossin W 1984 the horrible weaponry we give to fathers!
19.25 Bits and Pieces Anon A 1980 Margaret Thatcher - friend with Reagan & Pope
20.01 Little Boxes - new version Colin Bargery & Graham Goffe G 1985 human workers replaces by unreliable computers
20.02 To Our Town Sue Edmonds R 1985 cost of mine closures to the community. Class divide
20.03 Bobby I Hardly Knew You John Quiggin L 1985 AU Bob Hawke: move to right went in red came out blue.
20.04 If You Want The Bomb Peggy Seeger V 1985 the true cost of nuclear weapons in terms of bills cuts in social services etc
20.05 Ode to a Scab Bronwen Westacott (music Peggy Seeger) T 1985 reflect on where breaking the !984 strike will get you!
20.06 Tales of '81 Andy Victor R 1985 youth unemployment: no plans or dreams even at 17
20.07 Storm The Sandy Kreuzer J 1985 rich world poor world. Can the level of greed last much longer?
20.08 Daddy What Did You Do in The Strike? Ewan MacColl T 1984 miners' strike. Which side were you on?
20.09 Media The Ewan MacColl C 1984 propaganda especially during the miners' strike
20.1 Temperance Shearers Clem Parkinson L 1985 AU Sheep shearing without beer = despair & confusion.
20.11 Only Doing Their Job Ewan MacColl D 1984 unflattering tribute to police as props for the rich
20.12 Stitch in Time A Mike Waterson (tune: Martin Carthy) O 1985 drunken wife-beating husband gets stitched in sheets and whacked by his wife.
20.13 Nobody Cares About That Larry Penn R 1985 closure of machine tool company. All quiet now.
20.14 Wishes Maria Tolly W 1985 peace would be wish no. 1 in a divided world
20.15 Blackleg Mining Man Jock Purdon T 1985 unflattering portrait of strike breaker
20.16 Upwardly Socially Mobile Kerith Power L 1985 AU We are now fully politicised so get out of the way!
20.17 Hamster Sid Ed Pickford U 1985 solution to generating green power from hamster!
20.18 Divil's Advice The Paul O'Brien I 1985 amusing reference to devil on earth (Belfast!). Guess who!
20.19 Down Along the Soo Line Craig Johnson P 1985 US railroad. Passenger services eliminated 1961 merger
20.2 Miner's Wife Ewan MacColl T 1984 Contribution of wives and women from other industries to miners' picket line
20.21 My Kitchen And My Loo Jan Bessent & Bill Murphy G 1985 bureaucracy: improvement grants fail to target needs
20.22 Screen Printer Irene Scott Q 1985 showcasing screen printing - worker now redundant
20.23 Anti-Nuclear Angels Stan Patman V 1985 we're on strike. No entry to man until he replays evolution
20.24 My Get Up and Go Pete Seeger Y 1985 Old age: little energy but golden memories.
20.25 Liberation Road Kerith Power O 1985 through anger (women only) to calm (both sexes)
20.26 Which Side Are You On 1984? Dick Gaughan T 1985 miners' strike. It will be your occupation next!
20A.01 Andy John Quiggin L 1985 AU lampoon Andy Peacock takes Lib Opposition Party to the right
20A.02 Because Of The Cold Betsy Rose V 1985 Money on nuclear weapons while trains delayed by cold weather
20A.03 Child's Song Colin Bargery R 1985 unemployed dad - family supported by grandad’s pension
20A.04 Don't Be Surprised Ewan MacColl A 1980's Jim Callaghan made a baron for selling out workers
20A.05 Forty-Five Eighty-Five Peggy Seeger D 1985 class war sharply into focus again: poll tax etc
20A.06 Holy Joe From Scabsville Ewan MacColl T 1984 warning to strike-busters
20A.07 Back On The Grog Again Clem Parkinson L 1985 AU Bob Hawke lampoon
20A.08 Lady Dracumag Ewan MacColl A 1985 Margaret Thatcher - depicted as a female Dracula
20A.09 Laughing Policeman Ian Campbell D 1985 tongue in cheek description of the perfect policeman
20A.10 Still Losin' Jobs Larry Penn R 1985 ups and downs of temporary employment: layoffs
20A.11 Matter Of Degree A Peggy Seeger A 1985 Margaret Thatcher - search for an honorary degree
20A.12 Mild Colonial Boy The Vonnie Clearskye L 1985 AU author = daughter of a railway signalman
20A.13 Overtime Larry Penn R 1985 ups and downs of temporary employment
20A.14 Public-Funded Workers The Dave Smith T 1985 resistance to abolition of the GLC
20A.15 Horo The Iron Maiden Bruce Dunnet D 1985 opposition to rate capping by Mrs Thatcher
20A.16 Shoulda Been A Champion Denis Kevans L 1985 AU road sweeper active in youth could have been footballer - succumbs to drink
20A.17 Super Nuclear Shelter John Pole V 1985 mocks the government’s concept of a nuclear shelter
20A.18 Lambeth Children Malvina Reynolds U 1965 fifty children on branches force woodmen to spare trees
20A.19 Talking Wheelchair Blues Fred Small N 1983 discrimination through both attitudes & accessibility
20A.20 Tenosynovitis Edith MacIndoe S 1985 health effects of too much typing - poor working conditions.
20A.21 Villain's Chorus Peggy Seeger T 1984 style of policing during the miners' strike
20A.22 Votecatcher In The Rye Peggy Seeger A 1984 Ronald Reagan - visit to Ireland for roots or votes
20A.23 We Ain't Gonna Give It Back John Connors T 1985 song for US workers' unions adapted as well for use in England
20A.24 We Hate To See Them Go Malvina Reynolds D 1958 dream: bankers & diplomats going into the army!
20A.25 Workers' Song Ed Pickford D 1981 laid off when new tech; cannon fodder when war

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