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Undervalued as a songwriter - especially in the shadow of MacColl, Heading for Home is but one of scores of valuable songs that Seeger has written, many grafted onto or from the living tradition. Her themes are love and betrayal, human solitude and need for affection, as well as the broad sweeps of socialist, feminist values and ideas. I looked across the amber light of the stone, timber and whitewash Market House, heard the incessant, sleety rain on the roof and witnessed an audience enthralled, left to sing on their own and all heading for home with thoughts and emotions drawn from deep, deep wells. Great gig, Peggy! - Francis Devine, Irish Times

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The collaboration of a septuagenarian American folk music legend and a British experimental dance music producer may be highly improbable, but folk grande dame Peggy Seeger and Broadcaster have pulled off a genre-defying album full of hypnotic and hook-laden delights.
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New City Songster - by Volume

Volumes 1-20A-listed by: -Subject--Author--Song title--Volume--Year  


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Volume Title Author Subject Year
1.01 Ballad of The Big Cigars Ewan MacColl K 1968 Cuba - history of the revolution
1.02 Lament for the Death of a Nobody Ewan MacColl B 1968 - from gold watch to scrap heap and anonymity: your fate if you demand too little
1.03 Song of Choice Peggy Seeger B 1967 - don't let apathy make you blind to fascisim
1.04 Brother Did You Weep? Ewan MacColl J 1967 Vietnam - description of brutality sponsored by West
1.05 I Support the Boycott Peggy Seeger M 1963 South Africa - refusal to buy their food & drinks
1.06 Grey October Critics Group J 1968 Vietnam - comparison of carnage with toll from Aberfan
1.07 Student Edward Ewan MacColl C 1968 after Paris riots. Conditioning via beatings & gas
2.01 Black Boy Ballad Trevor Lashbrook N 1969 boy born on Hackney Estate - life of abuse
2.02 Dead Men The Peggy Seeger W 1968 capitalism - trade in arms to Nigeria
2.03 Hull Trawler Disaster The Frankie Armstrong S 1969 avoidable disaster - owners take no responsibility
2.04 Well Get The Concrete In Ian Stewart S 1969 avoidable disaster - owners only interested in job
2.05 Prime Minister Cut Down in His Prime The Ewan MacColl and John Faulkner A 1970 Harold Wilson defeated by Heath after attempt to clamp down on Union Power (Castle's 1969 In Place of Strife) which upset the Left
2.06 Compañeros The Ewan MacColl K 1968 Cuba - courage of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara
2.07 Che Guevara Peggy Seeger K 1968 Cuba - Che Guevara hunted down in Bolivia
2.08 Little Sashes Hammond D. I 1969 Ireland - conditioning from different factions
2.09 China Rag The Sandra Kerr and Ewan MacColl C 1969 superiority of Britain (Harold's wage freeze!) to China
2.1 Hello Friend Peggy Seeger N 1969 Birmingham in wake of rivers of blood speech
3.01 Ballad of Accounting The Ewan MacColl B 1964 audit: have you acted to shape society or merely accepted an unjust status quo?
3.02 Jack the Lad John Pole F 1970 search for escape leads to lethal dose of methadone taken for a laugh
3.03 We Don't Want to Live Like That Ewan MacColl C 1968 post Paris - we see through the propaganda!
3.04 Tidbits for Tenants Anon E 1970 overcrowding frozen wages and evictions.
3.05 Big Pneumatical Drill The Eric Finlayson X 1970 courting - metaphor drawn from hard labour
3.06 Mysterious Lover The Chris Culbert X 1970 courting - metaphor drawn from nature
3.07 Bridget and the Pill Brian Pearson O 1970 courting - birth control discouraged by the Pope
3.08 Bogside Man The McIlvogue I 1970 Ireland - violent resistance to heavy policing
3.09 White Tornado The Jim O'Connor M 1970 South Africa - apartheid / racism in rugby
3.1 Clayton Aniline Song The Pete Smith S 1970 injury or poor health resulting from work
3.11 Children The Peggy Seeger B 1968 - don't build walls to shut out poverty and war
3.12 Bold Enoch Powell Brian Pearson A 1970 after expulsion from cabinet: rivers of blood speech
3.13 Teachers Need to do Homework John Faulkner and Sandra Kerr T 1970 need for teachers to learn from miners and dustmen about the power of strike action.
3.14 Ballad of Rosie The Dick Snell E 1970 responding to eviction attempt
3.15 Backs Against The Wall Donneil Kennedy E 1970 squatting new flats as a response to pricey slums
Vol 4/5
Unknown Soldier The Jack Warshaw J 1970 Vietnam - American G.I. changes to Ho Chi Minh's side
4.02 Lily The John Pole X 1970 courting - metaphor drawn from nature
4.03 O'Reilly and the Big MacNeill Donneil Kennedy L 1970 the big man on the building site is cut down to size by the rumour/legend of a bigger man.
4.04 Grape-Pickers' Tragedy Jack Warshaw K 1970 Mexico: death through dangerous work conditions
4.05 Jeelie-Piece Song The Adam McNaughtan E 1970 unsuitability of high-rise flats e.g. children's play
4.06 Travellers Came to Red-Bridge The Dick Snell and The Critics Group N 1970 travellers unwanted in Walsall Galilee Auschwitz. Fault of all of us since we elect The Council
4.07 Brother Jack Warshaw J 1970 Vietnam: encouragement to change sides
4.08 Boots and Laces Miles Wootton F 1971 disaffected youth - vandalism and violence
4.09 My Son Peggy Seeger Y 1970 family: questions to son ready to leave the nest
4.10 Prince Philip's Lament Frankie Armstrong Brian Pearson Pat Creedy & Geoff Lowe A 1970 personal traits & beliefs on class differences
4.11 Barney Hughes ' Bakery Van McIlvogue I 1970 Ireland: Belfast bakery van thwarts B-specials
4.12 Advice to the Lovelorn John Fryer X 1970 agony aunt envious of client's knowledge of sex.
4.13 Hippies and the Beatniks The Miles Wootton O 1970 alternative lifestyle for woman cast as housewife.
4.14 Orient Company The Peter O'Toole R 1970 response to London unemployment: emigrating on a very hot steam turbine steam while awaiting better work
4.15 At The CentrePoint John Pole and Peggy Seeger E 1970 office blocks lying empty for nearly three years
4.16 Fields of Vietnam The Ewan MacColl J 1967 Vietnam: history of brave struggle against France & USA
4.17 Ballad of Jack Lynch McIlvogue I 1970 Ireland: workers unite informers and those selling out their country to England.
4.18 Tunnel Tigers The Ewan MacColl Q 1966 toil of Irishmen digging the London Underground in dark conditions while other people enjoy light.
4.19 Iron-Moulder's Wedding The Graeme Miles Q 1970 people wear their occupations even at a wedding!
4.2 Cut-Price Hero Ewan MacColl A 1970 Enoch Powell - racist beliefs
4.21 In Canning Town Sandra Kerr X 1970 courting - loving encounter curtailed by daytime
4.22 Nightmare Ewan MacColl V 1970 nuclear war: space station view of dead planet earth
4.23 Wasteland Lullabye Peggy Seeger V 1970 nuclear waste & other pollutants: story of how beautiful the world was before. Silent Spring II.
6.01 Jenny Bell Mahala Nice O 1971 giving & unafraid pregnant & child adopted
6.02 Do You Wanna Come Clean? Sandra Kerr U 1971 air quality
6.03 Kent Massacre The Jack Warshaw J 1970 Vietnam protest at Kent College. US students murdered by Ohio National Guard.
6.04 Mr. Fox John Pole O 1971 violence to women - abduction and murder.
6.05 We Are the Engineers Ewan MacColl T 1960 in praise of these skilled workers and their union.
6.06 McCoy Hotel The Jack Warshaw E 1971 high-rise for poor (crowded) V high-rise for the rich
6.07 New Boys The Ewan MacColl D 1970 Ted Heath's Cabinet - mainly men
6.08 Night-Visiting Song Sheila Douglas X 1971 courting - loving encounter curtailed by daytime
6.09 Too Much of a Good Thing Sheila Douglas X 1971 courting - loving encounter ending in male exhaustion
6.1 Nightshift Peggy Seeger X 1970 courting - loving encounter ending in male exhaustion
6.11 Tea-Leaf Song Colin Meadows F 1971 thief disaffected from the system by low pay
6.12 Sweet Thames Flow Softly Ewan MacColl X 1966 courting - romance ends in disappointment
6.13 Ballad of Ho Chi Minh The Ewan MacColl J 1954 Vietnam after defeat of French at Dien Bien Pau
6.14 Black Lung Hazel Dickson S 1969 injury or poor health from work
6.15 Uncle Sam Peggy Seeger J 1970 the several faces of US imperialism
6.16 Instant Food Miles Wootton H 1971 downside of fast food: unhealthy tasteless boring
6.17 Yankee Doodle Ewan MacColl J 1967 Vietnam composed under Wilson recorded under Heath. Details the atrocities of US war.
6.18 Fred the Computer Miles Wootton G 1971 causes havoc / nuclear war - never trust machines!
6.19 We Are the Young Ones Peggy Seeger C 1970 post Paris riots. Old hypocritical order wearing thin
6.2 Tall and Proud Ewan MacColl J 1970 Vietnam - an alternative view to Nixon's our boys are standing tall and proud out there.
7.01 Punch and Judy John Pole O 1972 institutional violence - always the same story
7.02 Wolviston Rook Shoot Graeme Miles Z 1972 the hunter becomes the hunted
7.03 Western Trader The Jimmy Brown Q 1972 showcasing hard work - steam ships
7.04 Jimmy Gray Peggy Seeger X 1972 courting - loving encounter versus procrastination
7.05 Banks of the Tees The Graeme Miles P 1972 atmosphere of Teesside - dying industries
7.06 Shellback Song Ewan MacColl Q 1972 hey-day of sea faring and the shellbacks who are no more
7.07 Bogside Doodle-bug McIlvogue I 1972 Ireland - violent resistance to heavy policing
7.08 Hollow Hill The Jimmy Brown Z 1972 birdwatching is better than seeking out fairies
7.09 Sea-Coal Graeme Miles Q 1972 showcasing hard work - sea-coal selling
7.1 Rubber Bullets Wylde I 1972 Ireland - life behind the barricades
7.11 Orange and the Green The Paul O'Brien I 1972 Ireland - call to workers to rise up over factions
7.12 They'll be the Lads Graeme Miles Q 1972 showcasing hard work as a moulder or foundry man
7.13 Exploration Gordon McCulloch & Paul Lenihan I 1972 Ireland - emigrating in order to work
7.14 I'm Gonna be an Engineer Peggy Seeger O 1971 discrimination in the workplace against women
7.15 Captain Reynolds John Pole O 1972 individual who murders women is torn apart like a fox
7.16 Anti-Carol John Pole E 1972 no room at the inn updated to modern squalour
7.17 Smuggling Men The Wylde I 1972 Ireland - control by spiking roads crossing the border
7.18 Darling Annie Peggy Seeger O 1971 relationships - gender equality
7.19 With Love to Angela Davis Ewan MacColl B 1971 call to action (using guns if necessary) - note Amnesty's refusal to support ANC due to resort to guns
7.2 Sludge-Boat Song The Jimmy Brown Q 1972 in recognition of boats carrying effluence from Glasgow
8.01 Buffalo Holler Peggy Seeger S 1972 accident arising from working condition: slate mine
8.02 Nation of Animal Lovers Ewan MacColl B 1968 British trait of preferring tame animals to humans
8.03 Herring Grounds Of Forth The Matt Armour S 1972 accident arising from working condition: herring fishing
8.04 Moor O' Hograh The Graeme Miles P 1972 atmosphere of the moors
8.05 Lairdsfield Disaster The Graeme Miles S 1972 accident arising from working condition: cargo vessel
8.06 Tees-side British Erick Gooding Q 1972 Dorman's Ackland Steel Plant up until its closure
8.07 Farewell to Ireland Ewan MacColl I 1972 Ireland - emigrating in order to work
8.08 Stan Don Henderson L 1972 AU strikes - relationship between factory owner & workers
8.09 Westgate Bridge The Don Henderson L 1972 AU accident arising from poor & hurried construction
8.1 Age in Between The Michael Flood Y 1972 comment on life: pros & cons of different ages
8.11 Someone Up There Don Henderson L 1972 AU snooping watching invasions of privacy
8.12 Day I Took the Vow The Ed Pickford X 1972 male view (humorous) on the drawbacks of marriage
8.13 Tam Bridie Matt Armour S 1972 accident arising from working condition: fishing aged 15
8.14 Shira Dam The Helen Fullerton S 1972 casualties from hard labour building the dam
8.15 Bermondsey Ballad A Michael Flood R 1972 grim life of teacher unexpectedly improved by errant pupil's dad who turns on the real nuisance
8.16 A-83 The Helen Fullerton P 1972 spectacular scenery along Scottish road
8.17 Nowhere Now Hamish MacColl F 1972 alienation disaffected youth trapped in a cell
8.18 Caviar on the Rent Book Bob Gale E 1972 myth of scroungers; driven to crime to pay rent
9.01 Watergate Peggy Seeger A 1973 Richard Nixon - person & policies
9.02 Piddlethwaite Jug Band Hits the Charts The Trevor Crozier & Kevin Sheldon 1973 a shambolic band ends up playing to cows
9.03 Talking Exam Blues J.F. MacNamara Y 1973 May/June daydream - stress of exam results
9.04 Happy Pappy and the Funny un People Hamish MacColl E 1973 comparison of living conditions of different classes
9.05 Giant Leek The Ed Pigford H 1973 Leek Show challenge and attempted sabotage
9.06 South Stratford Lady The Claudia Gould O 1973 leave home domestic service become pregnant end up homeless baby's body found.
9.07 Manner of the World Nowadays The Peggy Seeger D 1973 unacceptable face of capitalism (for Shelter)
9.08 My Wedding Day C & T Dibley A 1973 Princess Anne - November wedding to Mark Phillips
9.09 Look at You! Ewan MacColl F 1968 alienation among teenagers caused by parents dropping out of life.
9.1 Rambling Boy Jerry Spring O 1973 rambling around is not the prerogative of men only; women ramble too!
9.11 Alvediston Shepherd The Paul Whiteley R 1973 contribution of poor weather to working conditions.
9.12 Lullabye for a Very New Baby Peggy Seeger Y 1973 joys and hardships arising from new born baby
9.13 Testimonial Peter Bellamy P 1973 valley of Stiffkey between Kings Lynn and Norwich
9.14 Big Stockbroker Country The Mick Sadler D 1973 tongue-in-cheek wish to live like a rich capitalist
9.15 I Want to Lie Here in the Sun Miles Wootton F 1973 kids-lib song rejecting rules but also sensible diet!
9.16 Let's Pretend Ewan MacColl B 1968 using escapism to shut out the world as it is
9.17 At the Raleigh Seth Miles S 1973 poor health resulting from hard working conditions
9.18 Angel in Black J.F. MacNamara Y 1973 tribute to Margaret James who died in a car crash
9.19 Migrant Labourer The Dicky Bondy Q 1973 showcasing heavy work in construction industry
9.2 Three Quid a Week Mick Ryan R 1973 kids who leave school without good exam results face low wages which drive them into the army
9.21 Night Rider heard in a club in Barking A 1973 Lord Longford - crusades against pornography
9.22 Live Wire anon A 1973 Richard Nixon - caught out for bugging
9.23 Crazy Mixed-up Bull The Sheila Douglas Z 1973 amusing narrative: bull reacts to electric shock
10.01 Allende's Song Don Lange K 1974 US imperialism: re Chile
10.02 Dryin' Green The Eric Finlayson & Wylde P 1974 day in the life of a public open space (Scotland)
10.03 Graveyard Shift The Les Gleason Q 1974 hard work drinking and banter with the wife
10.04 Word The Vera Johnson C 1974 don't censor when info is already known by all!
10.05 Transport Cowboy Sam Richards T 1974 warning to strike-busters
10.06 Men o' the North The Sheila Douglas P 1974 changing occupations reflected in landscape
10.07 Building Speculator The Sam Richards E 1974 a curse on this monster.
10.08 Freedom Won't Lie Easy Rod Shearman K 1974 Chilean dictatorship cannot silence everybody.
10.09 Big Man Peggy Seeger J 1973 US imperialism in its various guises
10.1 Come Tae Your Dad Jim Brown R 1974 hard times for father to encourage son: unemployment
10.11 New Song On The City of Belfast A Wylde I 1974 Belfast's troubles are its life. Rioting becomes a purpose.
10.12 McFadyen's Motor Car Vera Johnson X 1974 birth control: accidents still possible in a static car
10.13 Regular Randy Dandy John Moulden & Wylde Q 1974 showcasing toil of a Belfast riveter and shipwright
10.14 Hard Times Hamish MacColl F 1974 alienation in simple steps from school to prison cell
10.15 Internment Wylde I 1974 Ireland: a call for freedom amid violent conflict
10.16 Sheik of Araby The Anon J 1974 lament: when oil Sheik's stop supporting the West.
10.17 Old Glasgow Town Jim Brown P 1974 change reflected in the landscape. New generation.
10.18 Juggernaut John Pole U 1974 pollution of atmosphere and depletion of resources
10.19 Talking Want Ad Blues Janet Smith O 1974 reversal of traditional male/female roles Re housework
10.2 Deep-Sea Fishermen The Matt Armour S 1974 hard work off shores of Iceland risking life & limb
10.21 Still He Slumbered Sam Richards T 1974 man's attendance at workplace gets later and later but when there's a strike he gets there very early!
10.22 Layabouts Vera Johnson Q 1974 in praise of layabouts whose work does no harm!
10.23 Jack Wilson Sam Richards U 1974 poor transport planning kills villages & increases pollution.
10.24 Chips Vera Johnson H 1974 everything on the menu comes with chips even chips!
10.25 Streak Patricia O'Nell X 1974 advice to prudes on how to hide their natural curiosity.
11.01 Propeller Song The Jim Brown R 1975 toil as punishment for messing with boss's daughter.
11.02 Swallow and Trout Fred Rooke Z 1975 the moment when two incompatible creatures meet
11.03 Girls in Our Town Bob Hudson L 1975 AU isolation of teenage girls in Australia who grow up all to quickly.
11.04 Ballad of Alison Kraus Don Lange J 1970 Vietnam protest at Kent College. A student in US murdered by National Guard.
11.05 Coal Hole Cavalry Ted Edwards P 1975 working day in Wigan marked by the sound of clogs
11.06 Henry Kissinger Ed Pickford A 1975 statesman/peacemaker by day & playboy by night
11.07 Down at Our Canteen Ted Edwards H 1975 Liverpool lament: the food is unfit for consumption
11.08 Winter Song Hamish MacColl X 1975 a courting plea for adventure
11.09 Modern Army Can't Fight Song The Don Lange J 1975 lament by a gun-nut army lifer deprived of war
11.1 Workers' Christmas Carol Anon R 1975 jobs with no holidays divide families
11.11 Roving Fifer The Matt Armour R 1975 enough of roving & temporary employment: layoffs
11.12 Multigrab and Unibrew Miles Wootton D 1975 unacceptable capitalism: RE quality of the bitter
11.13 Up in Wisconsin Don Lange U 1975 harming the environment with chemicals concrete etc.
11.14 Bloody Wakes Week Ian Parr P 1975 boredom re annual shutdown of Lancashire Mill towns
11.15 Harvest Home The Matt Armour Q 1975 cod fishing: hard work can be enjoyable if you don't stress
11.16 Song for Calum Peggy Seeger Y 1975 profile of son: Calum MacColl
11.17 Parliamentary Polka Ewan MacColl D 1977 pay restraint is the answer to everything! Go on grafting!
11.18 Out of My Pocket Peggy Seeger D 1974 money from my hard work goes to them not me!
11.19 Work-Study Song Ian Parr S 1975 beware of productivity deals which offer more pay but give you so much to do that you flake out.
11.2 Requiem for a Steel Town Ted Edwards P 1976 Irlam near Manchester dies with its steelworks
12.01 Winter Song Ian Parr R 1976 injustice of economic downturn and unemployment
12.02 One Miner's Life Ed Pickford R 1976 injustice of downturn in mining due to cheap oil
12.03 O Mither Mither Sheila Douglas X 1976 mother advises daughter not to fear dexterous musicians
12.04 Belfast Song Eric Bogle I 1976 cost of the conflict for families losing sons: wasted lives?
12.05 Isle of May Matt Armour P 1976 nine miles off Anstruther in mouth of the Firth of Forth
12.06 Big Mansion House Eric Bogle D 1976 mill owner's house reflects class inequality
12.07 Bampton Fair Paul Wilson P 1976 Atmospheric song. Mixed feelings about a place
12.08 Factory Lads Sam Richards R 1976 tongue-in-cheek picture of ideal working conditions
12.09 Ladybird Ted Edwards D 1976 unequal society leaves child wishing on his own
12.1 Sick Note The Pat Cooksey S 1976 accident arising from working condition: building site
12.11 Old Grey London Hamish MacColl P 1976 changing landscape robs London of it soul
12.12 Generations of Change Matt Armour P 1976 changing occupations in NE Scotland & coastal waters
12.13 Nine-Month Blues Peggy Seeger O 1976 birth control: a woman's right to choose
12.14 Automobile Song The Joanna Cazden U 1976 damage to environment: pollution & resource depletion
12.15 Canine Eneuretic The Bob Gale and David Everett Z 1976 dog fouling in Harlow
12.16 Pitside Is Quiet Today The Ted Edwards P 1976 dead town: closure Irlam steelworks nr Manchester in 1974
12.17 Car Mechanics Song Paul Wilson R 1976 being an all-rounder as a motor mechanic is hard enough; unit replacement will mean fewer of them
12.18 Asbestos Dust Sam Richards S 1976 asbestos dust as part of poor working conditions
12.19 Now I'm Easy Eric Bogle R 1976 hard life of a cocky farmer is easier because it's nearly over
12.2 Canteen Tea Alan Lavercombe H 1976 no escape from poor canteen tea even in heaven!
12.21 Jobs Ted Edwards R 1976 labour exchange has lots of jobs but none for you!
13.01 Casuals The Harry Robertson R 1977 ups & downs of being on a temporary contract
13.02 Channels The Graham Penny S 1977 nervous anticipation & physical sickness when sailors are within a day or two of docking after sea toil.
13.03 Ballad of Real Ale Kevin Pratt H 1977 superiority of pump-pulled real ale over bottled ale or pressurised beers
13.04 Black and White Ewan MacColl M 1961 anti-apartheid song following Sharpeville massacre
13.05 Home Soldier Home Wylde I 1977 a British troops out of Belfast song
13.06 High Clay Lands The Bob Hughes P 1977 Suffolk where children are worn out through farm labour
13.07 Simple Life The Chris Rogers P 1977 camp-site surroundings: better than the city??
13.08 Mary and Me Eric Bogle E 1977 poverty trap: born in the slum die in the slum
13.09 Bold Librarian The Joy Rutherford X 1977 warning to village folk who fancy roving librarians!
13.1 Ones That Got Away The Joy Ashworth X 1977 unlucky in courting then unlucky when a man wants to stick around.
13.11 Queensland Whalers The Harry Robertson L 1977 AU Moreton bay hunting the humpback whale.
13.12 Band Played Waltzing Matilda The Eric Bogle L 1977 AU patriots' charter ignores the lessons of war.
13.13 Housewife's Alphabet Peggy Seeger O 1976 poor working conditions of housewife
13.14 Workers' Song The Ed Pickford D 1977 cast aside by new tech but needed as canon fodder
13.15 Tankerman's Song Harry Robertson R 1977 no home life for drivers of big tankers months away at sea for low pay.
13.16 Wild Colonial Guy Alan Whittle F 1977 alienation: Birmingham boy goes his own way and ends up in prison
13.17 King Kong Sam Richards M 1977 ambition of a S African boxer thwarted due to race
13.18 Song of the Immigrant Chris Rogers N 1977 Midlands: refused office work loan. A scapegoat.
13.19 Labouring Man The Sam Richards Q 1977 showcasing good labouring practices & lamenting the death of them!
13.2 Trico Strike The Sam Richards T 1977 strike victory: equal pay for women in spite of obstacles.
14.01 Voices from the Mountain Ruthie Gorton S 1978 harm done by strip mining: environment & black lung
14.02 Song for an Irish Colleen Kt Movat & L. Mackay O 1978 pregnant woman leave Ireland for Liverpool no thanks to Pope or the father of her child - not real fathers
14.03 Father's Song The Ewan MacColl D 1978 father's lullaby: advice to son on big wide world
14.04 Invader The Peggy Seeger V 1978 abuse of the planet: nuclear waste
14.05 Exile Song The Barry Gilder M 1976 difficulties of being in exile while struggle goes on
14.06 Economy Game The David Everett R 1978 cuts to education and their effects on teachers & pupils
14.07 On the Assembly Line Miles Wootton G 1978 assembly lines for every time of life - even death
14.08 Legal Illegal Ewan MacColl D 1977 the law is 'a con' supporting the rich and the great.
14.09 Bum Again David Everett F 1978 disillusionment in time of heavy government cuts: from school onto the dole
14.1 Miss Heroin Anon F 1978 drug addiction: soldiers returning from Vietnam war
14.11 Blast Against Blackguards Ewan MacColl D 1977 freedom belongs to the rich: the rightful owners!
14.12 Soweto Song Barry Gilder M 1978 the struggle goes on in spite/because of casualties
14.13 Winnie and Sam Peggy Seeger O 1978 domestic violence regardless of class background
14.14 Shift-Worker's Lament Alan Lavercombe R 1978 harm done by shift work to life including sex life!
14.15 You and I Ewan MacColl X 1977 a love song: the joy of being together
14.16 I am Homeless Anon O 1978 homelessness trap in context of domestic violence
14.17 Tenant Farmer Ewan MacColl R 1977 from agriculture to industrial production line in order to afford the cost of food
14.18 Caged Bird Ernie Oakleaf O 1978 offer to take stock and help knock down cage's door
14.19 Today is his Signing Day George Mitchell S 1978 unemployment life without a purpose
14.2 Emily Peggy Seeger O 1977 a bare refuge is better than domestic violence
14.21 Coldbath Fields Bill Meek P 1978 hard labour in a prison
15.01 Bad Beer Paul Wilson H 1979 passing the buck for beer so nasty that the chemical mix didn't even succeed as disinfectant.
15.02 What Care I? Brian O'Keefe L 1979 AU hard life as a rover/conscript always moving on!
15.03 Where is Your Daddy Son? Ewan MacColl M 1978 anti-apartheid struggle tears men from families
15.04 Taxing Pleasures Paul Wilson X 1979 bawdy courting using economic jargon
15.05 Kingaroy King Ewan MacColl L 1979 AU Joh Belke-Petersen - gerrymandering in Queensland
15.06 Doing Time anon L 1979 AU tough conditions in an Australian jail
15.07 Looking for Work Clem Parkinson L 1979 AU to politician who blames workers for inflation
15.08 Pit Away Your Fancy Dress Ian Davison O 1979 unwanted pregnancy trap: home / job / baby?
15.09 G.M.H. Song Clem Parkinson L 1979 AU plea to nationalise US-owned General Motors Holden
15.1 High Street Motorway The Ian Davison U 1979 proposed E flank of Glasgow's inner ring-road thru town
15.11 Different Therefore Equal Peggy Seeger O 1978 logic of equality of opportunity for women and men
15.12 We'll All be Home & Dry Roger Wodiss & Denny Kevans L 1979 AU who gains when unions exercise pay restraint?
15.13 Reclaim the Night Peggy Seeger O 1979 women's right to be free from rape & to say No
15.14 Little Girl Child Peggy Seeger O 1978 advice to daughter not to accept second best
15.15 Song of the Sheet-Metal Worker John Dengate L 1979 AU change to industrial lifestyle imposed by poverty
15.16 When the Bells Ring Ian Davison P 1979 Hogmanay - New Year in Scotland
15.17 Bread Makin The Don Minifie X 1979 bawdy courting song promoting services of bakers
15.18 It's Really Me to Blame Scott Clement B 1979 my abject silence allows global injustice & inequality
15.19 A-30 Miles Wootton P 1979 rainy environment as an alternative to Costa Brava
15.2 Bill From Exskineville John Dengate L 1979 AU ordinary family bloke struggling to survive
15.21 Brass Band Song Scott Clement P 1979 listen to your surroundings to make the best music
16.01 Homeless Man Harry Robertson E 1980 lonely life trapped as an outcast drifter and drinker
16.02 My Old Man Ewan MacColl R 1986 effects of temporary work and unemployment
16.03 Acceptable Risks Charlie King V 1957 nuclear testing in Nevada desert: leukaemia
16.04 Four Minute Warning Peggy Seeger V 1980 effects if a nuclear war in the south of England
16.05 All Used Up Utah Phillips U 1980 using up people to use up the planet!
16.06 Royalty Royalty Shock John Dengate A 1980 sympathy for queen surrounded by idiots
16.07 Cargo of Dread Don Lange V 1980 transport of nuclear materials
16.08 Androids The Ewan MacColl A 1980 Margaret Thatcher - likened to an alien being.
16.09 Blair Peach Anon N 1979 NZ teacher died in police custody after anti-Fascist demo.
16.1 Southern English labourer The Paul Wilson R 1980 who gets the benefit from almost any labouring job?
16.11 Apathy Joe Ted Edwards B 1976 leave the protesting (strikes & Chile) to others!
16.12 Empires of Plenty Sam Richards Q 1980 forced to change from agricultural to industrial work to pay for food grown on the land left behind.
16.13 Let Us Praise Famous Men and Women Ewan MacColl A 1980 Margaret Thatcher - critique of person & policies
16.14 Trouble in Coal Country Arthur Smith T 1978 / 79 attempt to break miners strike in US: Carter
16.15 They All Do It Sam Richards X 1980 well argued case for mating!
16.16 Maggie Mary John Marchant & Ian Dobson R 1980 unemployment and homelessness
16.17 Agent Orange Song Muriel Hogan J 1980 Vietnam - use of chemicals comes home to roost in USA
16.18 F-One-Double-One The Lyall Sayers & Clem Parkinson V 1980 the downside of weapons including nuclear
16.19 Plea to the Undeserving A Ted Power D 1980 it's alright for some but not all. Fairness please!
17.01 Coal and Albert Berry The Ted Edwards S 1981 mining involves fatalities but fighting the coal will continue
17.02 Ballad of Pat Brady The Don Minifie F 1981 crime: prison helps to make crime pay!
17.03 Draglines Deborah Silverstein U 1981 destruction of homes & habitats from strip mining
17.04 Nobody Knew She Was There Ewan MacColl O 1977 Ewan's mother's toil & isolation as a cleaner.
17.05 What The Poet Called Her Ewan MacColl O 1980 reject men who cast you into unequal roles. Find one who shares the housework but writes a good poem too.
17.06 Under The Leaves of Life John Pole W 1981 make love not war - rich world (love) poor world (war)
17.07 Fishes Need Bicycles Clem Parkinson L 1981 AU man courts a flat fish which actually needs a bicycle!
17.08 Vandals The Ewan MacColl V 1980 effects of nuclear war: throwing away the planet.
17.09 Misfit's Story Yan Sharangparni N 1981 freedom to roam in Brixton without skinhead attack.
17.1 Enough is Enough Peggy Seeger V 1981 enough trouble in world without nuclear weapons
17.11 Kilroy Was Here Ewan MacColl Q 1980 in praise of the anonymous labour which drives the system
17.12 Uni-Multi-Factors Int. Paul Wilson & Marilyn Tucker R 1981 laying off and rehiring with time and motion facilitated by Monopoly power. The Jaeger song.
17.13 I'm a Pneumo Jim Moreland & Keith Gregson S 1981 National Coal Boards lame attempts to protect lungs and denials of damage to health.
17.14 Microbe's Picnic The Clem Parkinson L 1981 AU pollution of beaches in Port Phillip Melbourne
17.15 Laid Off Alan Lavercombe R 1981 no social stigma any more for the numerous unemployed!
17.16 Thi Fayther's Comin' Wom Ted Edwards R 1981 work in the pit leaves limited time to play with kids!
17.17 Taft-Hartley Song Charlie King T 1981 cooling-off law designed to break strikes 1979 Carter
17.18 Dancing Boilerman The Charlie King R 1981 an injection of the dance floor can turn gloom in the boiler room of a golfball factory to a hot delight
17.19 Is the Big Fella Gone? Rod Shearman U 1981 finback whale at risk of extinction
18.01 Take The Children & Run Don Lange V 1982 accident to reactor in nuclear plant
18.02 Hero of Goose Green The Denis Kevans L 1982 AU casualty from The Falklands War
18.03 Goodbye Monday Blues Si Kahn S 1982 cotton dust from the mills: dexterity turns to coughing
18.04 New Chum Crutcher Brian O'Keefe L 1982 AU lament following inept attempt at sheep-shearing
18.05 Fair Rosie Di Williams F 1982 driven by mill town environ into mental home in Lincs
18.06 Marvellous Melbourne Clem Parkinson L 1982 AU song about a place loved by Biggs & Stonehouse
18.07 Please Mr Reagan Peggy Seeger V 1982 request for missiles (e.g. cruise at Greenham)!
18.08 Nice People Like Us Sam Richards D 1982 class divisions needed to sustain nice people!
18.09 Gone Gonna Rise Again Si Kahn U 1982 importance of planting seeds to sustain the future
18.1 Blood Upon The Grass Adam McNaughtan K 1982 protest at Scotland V Chile fixture.
18.11 Cats Are Taking Over The Leslie Fish Z 1982 response to perceived increase in the cat population
18.12 Workers' Control Song Clem Parkinson L 1982 AU solution to hard times is to fire those at the top.
18.13 Storm Force Ten Don Lange U 1982 oil pollution threat through too many platforms
18.14 Goodbye To St Lawrence Sam Richards S 1982 irresponsible mining destroys workforce resulting in closure laying waste to place off Newfoundland
18.15 Oor Hamlet Adam McNaughtan 1982 Potted version: illustrating lack of realism in ballad plots
18.16 Aragon Mill Si Kahn R 1982 mill closure: empty streets & nowhere to go for mid-lifers
18.17 Shopping Around Alan Lavercombe O 1982 man proves that he is better at shopping but returns home with the wrong baby. Can't multi-task!
18.18 Old Woman's Song Claudia Schmidt F 1982 old woman isolated: fear of going out gets poor treatment from young left behind by her family
18.19 People Like You Si Kahn Y 1982 tribute to fighter - probably a campaigner to emulate
18.2 Talking Neutral Gender Blues Kristin Lems O 1982 need for gender equality in language - turned tables!
19.01 Go to Work on Monday Si Kahn W 1984 shot down i World War II but still forced to work
19.02 Men Who Make the Missiles The Kevin Littlewood W 1984 arms industry - a job's a job or is it something worse?
19.03 Way Down The Road Craig Johnson J 1984 stark choice between hard labour (e.g. mining) or war
19.04 Urchin's Song Clem Parkinson L 1984 AU children's role models: helluva fighter v helluva singer
19.05 I Cried Ruth Pelham Y 1984 effect on children when parents separate
19.06 Song of My Da Paul O'Brien T 1984 support the union (not their wars) demand what is yours.
19.07 Tune of Death Jock Purdon W 1984 stuff your medals. No one wins the war
19.08 Fifty-Nine Cents Fred Small O 1984 discrimination against women in jobs and pay
19.09 Maggie Wants a Missile Sam Richards A 1980 Margaret Thatcher - protect & survive years
19.1 Layabout Song Gill Booth V 1984 sketch on how others see Greenham women
19.11 Carry Greenham Home Peggy Seeger V 1983 Greenham Common Peace Camp - bring the message home
19.12 Henry The Accountant Paul Kaplan G 1984 a human brain versus a calculator: the human wins but dies through overwork and is sorely missed!
19.13 Wimmin's Ball The Clem Parkinson L 1984 AU warning to men who gatecrash women only events
19.14 Anthracite Tommy Patten S 1984 dangers of mining to all but the songwriter who is warm because he has fuel to burn!
19.15 Still Ain't Satisfied Bonnie Lockhart O 1984 moves towards gender equality are only token.
19.16 Damned Piney Mountains Craig Johnson S 1984 dangers of logging: loss of fingers
19.17 Just Lukewarm Martin Brown V 1984 Christmas island nuclear tests of 1958: cancer
19.18 Working in the Hospital Ian Davison P 1984 calypso style description of process of being a patient
19.19 When the Glory's All Gone John Pole & Banner of Birmingham W 1982 Falklands War: French missile. Uk trained pilot.
19.2 Ode to Bob Hawke Clem Parkinson L 1984 AU critique of hollow promises to end the class war
19.21 You Ain't Been Doin' Nothin' If You Ain't Been Called a Red Elliott Keenan B 1984 better to field your opponents' jibes than not be involved in the struggle!
19.22 Tomorrow Peggy Seeger V 1984 Peggy's court statement: acting for the future!
19.23 Lovely Little Island Peggy Seeger J 1984 Cuba 1950s Grenada 1983 and Greenham !983
19.24 Armanent Lullabye Bob Bossin W 1984 the horrible weaponry we give to fathers!
19.25 Bits and Pieces Anon A 1980 Margaret Thatcher - friend with Reagan & Pope
20.01 Little Boxes - new version Colin Bargery & Graham Goffe G 1985 human workers replaces by unreliable computers
20.02 To Our Town Sue Edmonds R 1985 cost of mine closures to the community. Class divide
20.03 Bobby I Hardly Knew You John Quiggin L 1985 AU Bob Hawke: move to right went in red came out blue.
20.04 If You Want The Bomb Peggy Seeger V 1985 the true cost of nuclear weapons in terms of bills cuts in social services etc
20.05 Ode to a Scab Bronwen Westacott (music Peggy Seeger) T 1985 reflect on where breaking the !984 strike will get you!
20.06 Tales of '81 Andy Victor R 1985 youth unemployment: no plans or dreams even at 17
20.07 Storm The Sandy Kreuzer J 1985 rich world poor world. Can the level of greed last much longer?
20.08 Daddy What Did You Do in The Strike? Ewan MacColl T 1984 miners' strike. Which side were you on?
20.09 Media The Ewan MacColl C 1984 propaganda especially during the miners' strike
20.1 Temperance Shearers Clem Parkinson L 1985 AU Sheep shearing without beer = despair & confusion.
20.11 Only Doing Their Job Ewan MacColl D 1984 unflattering tribute to police as props for the rich
20.12 Stitch in Time A Mike Waterson (tune: Martin Carthy) O 1985 drunken wife-beating husband gets stitched in sheets and whacked by his wife.
20.13 Nobody Cares About That Larry Penn R 1985 closure of machine tool company. All quiet now.
20.14 Wishes Maria Tolly W 1985 peace would be wish no. 1 in a divided world
20.15 Blackleg Mining Man Jock Purdon T 1985 unflattering portrait of strike breaker
20.16 Upwardly Socially Mobile Kerith Power L 1985 AU We are now fully politicised so get out of the way!
20.17 Hamster Sid Ed Pickford U 1985 solution to generating green power from hamster!
20.18 Divil's Advice The Paul O'Brien I 1985 amusing reference to devil on earth (Belfast!). Guess who!
20.19 Down Along the Soo Line Craig Johnson P 1985 US railroad. Passenger services eliminated 1961 merger
20.2 Miner's Wife Ewan MacColl T 1984 Contribution of wives and women from other industries to miners' picket line
20.21 My Kitchen And My Loo Jan Bessent & Bill Murphy G 1985 bureaucracy: improvement grants fail to target needs
20.22 Screen Printer Irene Scott Q 1985 showcasing screen printing - worker now redundant
20.23 Anti-Nuclear Angels Stan Patman V 1985 we're on strike. No entry to man until he replays evolution
20.24 My Get Up and Go Pete Seeger Y 1985 Old age: little energy but golden memories.
20.25 Liberation Road Kerith Power O 1985 through anger (women only) to calm (both sexes)
20.26 Which Side Are You On 1984? Dick Gaughan T 1985 miners' strike. It will be your occupation next!
20A.01 Andy John Quiggin L 1985 AU lampoon Andy Peacock takes Lib Opposition Party to the right
20A.02 Because Of The Cold Betsy Rose V 1985 Money on nuclear weapons while trains delayed by cold weather
20A.03 Child's Song Colin Bargery R 1985 unemployed dad - family supported by grandad’s pension
20A.04 Don't Be Surprised Ewan MacColl A 1980's Jim Callaghan made a baron for selling out workers
20A.05 Forty-Five Eighty-Five Peggy Seeger D 1985 class war sharply into focus again: poll tax etc
20A.06 Holy Joe From Scabsville Ewan MacColl T 1984 warning to strike-busters
20A.07 Back On The Grog Again Clem Parkinson L 1985 AU Bob Hawke lampoon
20A.08 Lady Dracumag Ewan MacColl A 1985 Margaret Thatcher - depicted as a female Dracula
20A.09 Laughing Policeman Ian Campbell D 1985 tongue in cheek description of the perfect policeman
20A.10 Still Losin' Jobs Larry Penn R 1985 ups and downs of temporary employment: layoffs
20A.11 Matter Of Degree A Peggy Seeger A 1985 Margaret Thatcher - search for an honorary degree
20A.12 Mild Colonial Boy The Vonnie Clearskye L 1985 AU author = daughter of a railway signalman
20A.13 Overtime Larry Penn R 1985 ups and downs of temporary employment
20A.14 Public-Funded Workers The Dave Smith T 1985 resistance to abolition of the GLC
20A.15 Horo The Iron Maiden Bruce Dunnet D 1985 opposition to rate capping by Mrs Thatcher
20A.16 Shoulda Been A Champion Denis Kevans L 1985 AU road sweeper active in youth could have been footballer - succumbs to drink
20A.17 Super Nuclear Shelter John Pole V 1985 mocks the government’s concept of a nuclear shelter
20A.18 Lambeth Children Malvina Reynolds U 1965 fifty children on branches force woodmen to spare trees
20A.19 Talking Wheelchair Blues Fred Small N 1983 discrimination through both attitudes & accessibility
20A.20 Tenosynovitis Edith MacIndoe S 1985 health effects of too much typing - poor working conditions.
20A.21 Villain's Chorus Peggy Seeger T 1984 style of policing during the miners' strike
20A.22 Votecatcher In The Rye Peggy Seeger A 1984 Ronald Reagan - visit to Ireland for roots or votes
20A.23 We Ain't Gonna Give It Back John Connors T 1985 song for US workers' unions adapted as well for use in England
20A.24 We Hate To See Them Go Malvina Reynolds D 1958 dream: bankers & diplomats going into the army!
20A.25 Workers' Song Ed Pickford D 1981 laid off when new tech; cannon fodder when war

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