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Her success lies largely with her ability to work and write within traditional modes. Many of these songs sound as though they have been around over the centuries. - Ira Mayer, New York Times

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Margaret "Peggy" Seeger is one of the leading figures of the British Folk Revival. Born in 1935 into one of North America's foremost folk music families, Seeger lived and worked in Britain for 35 years with singer Ewan MacColl. A multi-instrumentalist, Seeger is acknowledged as one of the finest interpreters of Anglo-American folksongs, and has also written music for films, television and radio.
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Women in Music Video

Peggy Seeger recently received the award for "Inspirational Artist".  She was presented with her award by the legendary Billy Bragg who praised Peggy's long history as a musician, feminist and left wing campaigner.
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It's Pete!



Temple Cowley Pool

Well, the Oxford City Council think they have us beat. They’ve demolished Temple Cowley Pools building, but as usual our team are still at it, challenging alternative facts and working to get back what's been lost. Bulldogs not only nipping at the council’s heels but teeth sunk into their trousers. Role models for what’s coming up in world politics. Keep an eye on this space.


Folksploitation by Broadcaster
Waaaay out dance music.
Not Peggy's usual.

One Plus One


Everything Changes

"Her singing is as highly charged as ever and her writing as pointed and witty."
English Dance & Song Winter 2014

"...a quietly compelling album of songs that took a lifetime to be able to write and sing. A most eloquent and rich album."
Sing Out

"This album is a revelation. Throughout her lengthy career, Peggy Seeger has proved that she is a thoughtful songwriter with an easygoing voice that offsets her often angry lyrics, but here she explores new, pained and personal territory, and does so with delicacy and soul. Listening to her relaxed, often acrobatic vocals, it's hard to believe she's 79."

Robin Denselow, The Guardian (UK)

"In every way, shape and form, this is a remarkable album. It's an album which makes some stern demands on you.  But that's nothing to the demands it makes on Seeger herself.  The fact that she meets them all with such relish, confidence and conviction make it very special."
Colin Irwin, fRoots

"Peggy Seeger is a monumental figure in folk and modern music but this proves that she is still vibrant and relevant.  This is definitely Peggy Seeger at her best." 4 stars

"This stirring album brims with a radical energy that can only illuminate."
New Internationalist

"A revelation folk legend Peggy Seeger returns to form, her limber vocals and experimental approach enhancing some of the finest new songs I have heard this year.
The Guardian  5 stars

"A remarkably fresh and dynamic affair. Hushed, listening, spacious, wise and witty."
Nick Coleman, Independent on Sunday  4 stars

"(An) admirable album...a genuine emotional catch."
Financial Times 4 stars

"(A) wonderfully evocative, beautifully performed album that reflects on her life less ordinary with wit, passion and serenity."
The Sun  4 stars

For information about Ewan MacColl visit his website:

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Ruth Crawford Seeger



Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger 1919-2014

My beloved brother Pete died on January 27, 2014. He leaves a prodigious body of work for us to enjoy, a legacy the enormity of which will continue to grow. As for me, I have lost the last person who has known me from birth and who has always been there for me. I cannot express how heavy losing Pete lies with me. My thanks to all for your kind and thoughtful condolences. Peggy

Peggy's song for Pete's 94th Birthday

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Peggy Seeger - Folk Singer, Songmaker, Activist

".... It was great to see you live, for the wonderful range of music, but also for the pleasure of seeing a woman who is so clearly at ease in her own skin. You were funny, smart, feisty, warm and wise, and managed to be very assertive without getting anyone offside, and very intelligent without making anyone feel stupid." - Siobhan McHugh, Sidney, Australia





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