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Peggy Seeger ranks as one of the most important people who ever graced and shaped the British folk scene. - Ken Hunt, Folk Roots Magazine

Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger As most of you will know by now, my beloved brother Pete died peacefully, surrounded by close family members, at the Presbyterian Hospital (Columbia), New York City, on January 27th at 9:17 pm. His daughter Tinya, who had been caring for him for some time, was lovingly holding his hand. I was still in mid-air making a frantic attempt to get there from New Zealand.  I arrived four hours too late. I take solace from our last phone calls where much was said but unspoken.  I know many of you will be saddened by Pete's death but we must remember that he led a very full and productive life.  He leaves a prodigious body of work for us to enjoy, a legacy the enormity of which will continue to grow. He touched so many people's lives, from children to the golden oldies like myself. As for me, I have lost the last person who has known me from birth and who has always been there for me. I cannot express how heavy losing Pete lies with me. My thanks to all for your kind and thoughtful condolences. Peggy

It's Pete!


Peggy Seeger's song for Pete Seeger's 94th Birthday.
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Note From Peggy: My new CD, Everything Changes, will be released in September 2014, followed by a tour with some of the musicians who were on it - including my sons, Neill and Calum. Hallelujah! I've wanted that for a long time.

Temple Cowely Pools

The battle for the Temple Cowley Pool in Oxford continues, thanks to the stamina and vision of the Campaign organisers.  Our song and video are still current.

One Plus One


One Plus One by Peggy Seeger
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peggy - tour

Peggy's "I Just Can't Stay Away" Tour 2014

Peggy will be touring by car from New York and various points in the east to Chicago and back, March 13-29, 2014.



Peggy's groundbreaking album with Broadcaster.
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Peggy Seeger - Folk Singer, Songmaker, Activist



Born in 1935, Peggy's family connections are well-known in folk and classical music circles. She is Pete Seeger's half-sister, Ruth Crawford Seeger's daughter; partner to Ewan MacColl, who wrote First Time Ever I Saw Your Face for her and to whom she bore three children. Her best-known compositions are Gonna Be an Engineer and The Ballad of Springhill (the latter rapidly becoming regarded as a traditional song).

The MacColl-Seeger work was prodigious in its scope. From 1959 onward, they encouraged and set standards for the burgeoning UK folk revival; they trolled the USA & UK field recordings and anthologies for little-known traditional songs; they trained other singers and involved them in political-musical documentary theatre; they instigated the revolutionary Radio Ballad form. Their work was halted by Ewan's death in 1989.

Peggy has made 22 solo recordings and taken part in more than 100 more with other performers. A singer and multi-instrumentalist, she is considered to be one of North America's finest female folksingers.


".... It was great to see you live, for the wonderful range of music, but also for the pleasure of seeing a woman who is so clearly at ease in her own skin. You were funny, smart, feisty, warm and wise, and managed to be very assertive without getting anyone offside, and very intelligent without making anyone feel stupid." - Siobhan McHugh, Sidney, Australia




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