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Peggy Seeger ranks as one of the most important people who ever graced and shaped the British folk scene. - Ken Hunt, Folk Roots Magazine

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My husband, Marky, teaches maths to  a group of very intelligent Further A Level students (they are about 17 - 18 yrs old and those super-intelligent whizz-kid types).  Yesterday they were getting a bit overloaded and fraught with the 'hard sums' so he played them the One Plus One video as a bit of a breather! They loved it!  Marky said all the frowns disappeared and they were all smiling and ready to go at the complex numbers again!
- Anon






27th May

Peggy Seeger & Calum MacColl, Cecil Sharp House, London
In-person concerts sold out but Livestream Tickets are available around the world.

Sat. 14th Aug. Doune The Rabbit Hole Festival, Cardross Estate, Stirling, Scotland.  Festival performance with Calum MacColl.   Tickets
1st Oct.

Peggy Seeger & Calum MacColl St Margaret’s Church, Braemar, Scotland

Sat. -Sun.
2nd-3rd Oct.
 Concert with Calum MacColl plus In Conversation: HAAL Festival, Portsoy, Scotland
4th Oct.
Peggy Seeger & Calum MacColl, Tolbooth, Stirling, Scotland  Tickets
6th Oct.
Peggy Seeger & Calum MacColl, Abbeydale Picture House, Sheffield  Tickets


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