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Peggy Seeger: She must be one of the most complete artists around today. -  Belfast Telegraph

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A lifetime has gone into reaching the place she sings from here. The result is a quietly compelling album (Everything Changes) of songs that took a lifetime to be able to write and sing. A most eloquent and rich album.
— Michael Tearson


White Wind, Black Tide

White Wind, Black Tidewhite wind black tide

1. Rivonia 02:29
2. The Great Conspiracy 03:12
3. Bill 02:28
4. Ten Young Women And One Young Man 02:49
5. In Contempt 02:06
6. We're A Nation Of Animal Lovers 01:39
7. Black & White 03:38
8. No More 04:18
9. I Support The Boycott 03:31
10. Prisons 01:51
11. White Wind 17:34
released April 12, 1986 
Produced by Calum MacColl 
Engineered by Harun Coombes 
Recorded at Falconer Studios, London
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