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On the exceptional Odd Collection, Peggy offers up 18 original songs - and one spoken word performance - that reveal her to be a perspicacious commentator on both personal and political issues and a gifted composer, lyricist and singer. - Mike Regenstreif, Sing Out

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The collaboration of a septuagenarian American folk music legend and a British experimental dance music producer may be highly improbable, but folk grande dame Peggy Seeger and Broadcaster have pulled off a genre-defying album full of hypnotic and hook-laden delights.
- Anon


We Remember (Naming of Names)

We Remember (Naming of Names)peggy and irene

I have written political songs for half a century. I’m very proud of this one, commemorating political activists of all sorts who have given up their lives or their freedom for their beliefs. 

It was recorded circa 1988 and is sung here by my partner, Irene Pyper-Scott and our 1980s women’s chorus, Jade.

released January 19, 2018 
Written by Peggy Seeger 
Sung by Irene Pyper-Scott and women's chorus Jade


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