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Peggy Seeger: She must be one of the most complete artists around today. Peggy Seeger's tongue-in-cheek look at life comes accompanied by music from all sorts of sources. Alongside the piano, the guitar, the Appalachian dulcimer, the concertina and the banjo, she set the lot aside for a moment or two last night and just simply created rhythm and music by taping the side of her guitar. For her it spelt out a sort of rhythm of life. - Neil Johnston, Belfast Telegraph

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In a world where stars can fade by age 25, it is great to review an album by a lady approaching her 70th birthday who has entertained and enlightened us for half a century. I believe that the second part of that accolade is the more important in assessing this diva of folk. Her songs always entertain but by making us think she achieves her greatest hold.
- Rambles


We Remember (Naming of Names)

We Remember (Naming of Names)peggy and irene

I have written political songs for half a century. I’m very proud of this one, commemorating political activists of all sorts who have given up their lives or their freedom for their beliefs. 

It was recorded circa 1988 and is sung here by my partner, Irene Pyper-Scott and our 1980s women’s chorus, Jade.

released January 19, 2018 
Written by Peggy Seeger 
Sung by Irene Pyper-Scott and women's chorus Jade


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