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Her success lies largely with her ability to work and write within traditional modes. Many of these songs sound as though they have been around over the centuries. - Ira Mayer, New York Times

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One minute I was crying with laughter as Peggy read 1950s advice for wives.Then, like a curving ball from nowhere, a wave of emotion hit me and I was fighting to hide sobs, blinded by mascara, when Peggy sang The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.
- Sue Brough


The World Of Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger Vol. 2

The World of Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger Vol. 2

1. Cabin Boy 02:48 world of vol 2

2. When You’re A Fighter, You’re Different 02:22

3. The Net Hauling Song 02:27

4. The Iron Road 02:42

5. Dark The Night 02:34

6. Freeborn Man 03:43

7. The Fitter’s Song 02:01

8. Gypsy Jack Of All Trades 03:10

9. Alone 01:40

10. The Driver’s Song 02:14

11. Moving On Song 03:23

12. Miner’s Wife 02:31

13. Hot Ashphalt 02:25

14. The Battle Is Done With 03:08



The second of two 'Best Of' albums featuring songs from the Radio Ballads. Volume 2 was released in 1972. This is a high quality transfer from the original vinyl, as the original masters are lost.

released December 3, 1972 

Sung by Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger 

Produced by Harley J. Usill 


Peggy Seeger (Banjo, Gtr, Concertina, Dulcimer) 

John Faulkner (Mandolin, Gtr, Fiddle) 

Sandra (Gtr, Whistle, Spoons) 

Bruce Turner (Clarinet) 

Bryan Daly (Gtr) 

Jack Fallon (Bass) 

Sam Parry (Harmonica) 

Jack Warshaw (Gtr) 

Chorus: Terry Yarnell, Bob Blair, Sam Parry, 

John Faulkner, Jack Warshaw.


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