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By telling Jimmy Massey's life story, and by the profound way you shaped your lyrics, you have made him so close we must see he is undeniably us--who we are and why we are. I want to express my gratitude to him for telling his story, and to you for giving me a way to connect with his story and my own heart as I share his message with others. Thank you. Suzanna Hough

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I came away from the auditorium holding back tears from the emotional impact of Peggy’s performance, and with a comforting, warm glow inside, a feeling of serious privilege at being in her company once again. I treasure every moment. Love will linger on…
-David Kidman


Songs in the American Tradition

Songs in the American Tradition

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1. Cumberland Gap  02:01
2. The Lady of Carlisle  04:13
3. Come All Ye Fair & Tender Maidens  03:08
4. Deer Song   02:53
5. I Will Never Marry   02:32
6. Devilish Mary   02:05
7. The Fair Maid By The Shore   02:25
8. Three Banjo Tunes: Soldier's Joy/ShadyGrove/Georgia Buck   03:20
9. The Wife of Usher's Well   03:47
10. The Rambling Gambler   03:08
11. The Cruel War is Raging   02:15
12. The Trooper And The Maid   03:46
13. When I Was In My Prime   03:47
14. So Early, Early In the Spring   03:17
15. The Chickens They Are Crowing   02:10
16. Who's That Knocking At My Window   02:32
17. The Lass Of Roch Royal   06:19
18. Who's Going To Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot   02:18
19. Englewood Mine   02:34
20. Just As The Tide Was Flowing   02:03
21. Kicking Mule   01:30
22. The Heartless Lady   03:52
23. Tittery Nan   01:44
24. Loving Reilly   05:24
25. If He'd Be A Buckaroo   01:08
Released August 30, 2017
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