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For decades, Seeger has been one of the most authoritative voices in American and English folk...While she is acknowledged as an esteemed interpreter of traditional material and a gifted instrumentalist, she is perhaps best known for her observant and caustic original songs about women. - Chris Morris, Billboard

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I was at Cambridge Folk Festival this year, and you were my highlight!  Listening to you talk and sing about the importance of making conscious life decisions and the impact our seemingly isolated, individual decisions have on the rest of the world really resonated with me, as did your quiet approach to advocating for justice.  I was deeply moved, and it was a joy to listen to you.
Thank you so much.
- Leah x


Daddy What Did You Do in the Strike?

Daddy What did you do in the strike?

1. The Media 02:25 daddy what did you do
2. Villains' Chorus 03:42
3. Holy Joe From Scabsville 05:16
4. Miner's Wife 02:39
5. Only Doing Their Job 03:11
6. Daddy, What Did You Do In The Strike? 03:41
A musical documentation of the 1984 miners' strike. Produced in collaboration with the NUM.
released July 14, 1984 
Produced by Calum MacColl 
Recorded by Nick Godwin 
Recorded at Parrot Studios, Bromley
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