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For me, the Peggy Seeger concert was a trip to the past -- so many coffee houses, hootenannies, and sing-alongs in the '50's and '60's, so much outrage, so much hope, so many dreams. It was a reminder of our heritage of ballads and story songs -- of our country and its roots in the Old World. - Lucy V. Parker

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My husband, Marky, teaches maths to  a group of very intelligent Further A Level students (they are about 17 - 18 yrs old and those super-intelligent whizz-kid types).  Yesterday they were getting a bit overloaded and fraught with the 'hard sums' so he played them the One Plus One video as a bit of a breather! They loved it!  Marky said all the frowns disappeared and they were all smiling and ready to go at the complex numbers again!
- Anon





 Fri. Oct. 18 - Sun. Oct. 20 Hartlepool Folk Festival, Festival Concert and In Conversation with Sandra Kerr. Tickets Hartlepool, UK
 Fri. Nov. 1 Peggy Seeger in Concert: The Songs I Grew Up With - North American Folk Songs. Benefit for the Rose Hill Junior Youth Club,
Iffley Church Hall, Church Way, Iffley, OX4 4EJ. Tickets £15 available from or 07740 944258.
 Iffley, UK
 Sat. Nov. 16 Nest Collective’s Unamplifire Festival, festival performance with Calum MacColl, Tickets  London, UK
 Sun. Nov. 17 Woodstock Poetry Festival, legendary folk singer and songwriter Peggy Seeger joins poets Bernard O'Donoghue & Tom Paulin with Judith & Nick Hooper (fiddle and guitar) for an evening of music and poetry, the closing event of this year’s Woodstock Poetry Festival. This event is held in Woodstock Social Club; drinks are available from the bar. £10 8:30pm, Tickets and information: 01993 812760 or Woodstock, 
Oxfordshire, UK 


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