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Peggy's instrumental virtuosity is legendary: guitar, 5-string banjo, autoharp, English concertina, piano, as well as possessing a most extraordinary singing voice which surely gets better every year of her life. Yet some of the most magical moments of the evening were to be had when Peggy simply sat at the piano and tinkered, sharing gentle musical anecdotes with us or poems dedicated to the loves of her life. - Dave VanDoorn, Tradition Magazine

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First off, Seeger's a daunting multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, autoharp, banjo, piano, concertina, and of course singing. However, she doesn't just play, she demonstrates a fluency surprising even for an overachiever on the banjo, and her vocals can be either bird-on-a-wire delicate or gusty, ringing with authority and surprising projection.
- Mark S. Tucker



Peggy Seeger 2018

Sun. Mar. 18 Kings Place, London: ‘A Touch On The Times’ with Peggy Seeger, Roy Bailey, Grace Petrie, Ewan McLennan.
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Fri. Mar. 23
Charles Parker Day London
Sun. Mar. 25  Aye Write Literary Fest - In Conversation 4:45pm
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 Fri. April 20  Kennington Village Centre. Evening Event  Kennington,
 Sat. May 5  Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival  Belfast
 Thurs. May 10 Guernsey Literary Festival, St. James Church
Full concert with Calum or Neil.
 Thurs. May 17  Swindon Literary Festival, Swindon Arts Center, 8pm
Conversation with Matt Holland
 Mon. May 21  Think Human Festival Event Protest Songs: Protest and Resistance in Changing Times, Oxford Books, Main Lecture Theatre, John Henry Brooks Building 5:30 - 7pm  
 Sat. Aug. 4 - Sun. Aug. 5  Cambridge Folk Festival  Cambridge


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