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You might say Peggy is an artist who needs no introduction. Yet, here she revisits many traditional songs from her vast repertoire with finer voice and deeper appreciation than any of her previous recordings. She can make a traditional song sound timeless, yet as current as if written yesterday. She also includes one moving, bittersweet original song about growing old. This is the recording you want to play for a younger singer and say: "This is the way traditional music remains alive." - Rich Warren, WFMT

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Her singing is as highly charged as ever and her writing as pointed and witty.
- Dave Laing







 12th September  Witham Theatre, Barnard Castle, Tickets
 13th September  Birmingham Symphony Hall
 15th September  Forest Arts, Hampshire, Tickets 
 16th September  Bridgwater Arts Centre, Tickets 
 17th September  Guildhall St. Ives, Cornwall

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