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Candlelight Service and Concert at Springhill, Nova Scotia 2008

You are one great lady m'dear, with a very big heart - and one helluva entertainer to boot. To just say thank you seems terribly insufficient...but thank you, from my heart to yours. I shall never forget those two days in October, and the light cast by your generosity of spirit.  Jack MacAndrew

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First off, Seeger's a daunting multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, autoharp, banjo, piano, concertina, and of course singing. However, she doesn't just play, she demonstrates a fluency surprising even for an overachiever on the banjo, and her vocals can be either bird-on-a-wire delicate or gusty, ringing with authority and surprising projection.
- Mark S. Tucker

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The weeks settle into cooking or not cooking, going to Nelson (90 minutes away) on Saturdays for market day, watching movies on DVDs from the library, reading aloud, some playing of instruments, swimming in Mahau Bay, visits to and from Irene's neighbours, jaunts over to Earl Conroy for more stringent advice...

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