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Undervalued as a songwriter - especially in the shadow of MacColl, Heading for Home is but one of scores of valuable songs that Seeger has written, many grafted onto or from the living tradition. Her themes are love and betrayal, human solitude and need for affection, as well as the broad sweeps of socialist, feminist values and ideas. I looked across the amber light of the stone, timber and whitewash Market House, heard the incessant, sleety rain on the roof and witnessed an audience enthralled, left to sing on their own and all heading for home with thoughts and emotions drawn from deep, deep wells. Great gig, Peggy! - Francis Devine, Irish Times

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I came away from the auditorium holding back tears from the emotional impact of Peggy’s performance, and with a comforting, warm glow inside, a feeling of serious privilege at being in her company once again. I treasure every moment. Love will linger on…
-David Kidman

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Way back in 1958 I wrote a song called The Ballad of Springhill. I sent it on an airletter to the main person in the drama, Caleb Rushton, You can find that airletter now in the Miners Museum in Springhill, Nova Scotia and the song is known all over Canada and, indeed, way beyond. Some people think it's a folksong, the greatest compliment a songwriter could have, in my opinion. In my songbook, The Peggy Seeger Songbook, Forty Years of Songmaking, I give the full story of meeting Caleb Rushton and his wife Pat back in the late 1990s. But the drift here is that October 2008 was the fiftieth anniversary of what Springhillers call 'The Bump' and they invited me up to sing at their commemoration. Of course I'll go! I fly into Halifax on October 22 and begin a four-day stay never to be forgotten. I was billeted with Margie Kempt, whose husband had been brought alive out of the mine, and was squired around by her son Bill. Margie is about 10 years older than I and we got on like a house on fire.

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