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Her success lies largely with her ability to work and write within traditional modes. Many of these songs sound as though they have been around over the centuries. - Ira Mayer, New York Times

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With the singing voice of a 20-year old, the tone and temperament of a slightly acidic and world-wise 40-year old, and possessing the studied acumen of a 500-year old, the lady enjoyed a warm intimate gathering of friends and family upon the occasion of her 70th birthday at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, England.
- Mark S. Tucker

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Meanwhile, down in Australia, a female alpaca has been born on the farm of our friends Keith and Jenny McEnry . They named her after Irene and myself. PeggyIrene. Alpaca have the mostest bestest softest fleece you could imagine and for their size. They are gentle creatures and they have very tiny, almost mewling voices.

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