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In a world where stars can fade by age 25, it is great to review an album by a lady approaching her 70th birthday who has entertained and enlightened us for half a century. I believe that the second part of that accolade is the more important in assessing this diva of folk. Her songs always entertain but by making us think she achieves her greatest hold. - Nicky Rossiter, Rambles Magazine

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I was at Cambridge Folk Festival this year, and you were my highlight!  Listening to you talk and sing about the importance of making conscious life decisions and the impact our seemingly isolated, individual decisions have on the rest of the world really resonated with me, as did your quiet approach to advocating for justice.  I was deeply moved, and it was a joy to listen to you.
Thank you so much.
- Leah x

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Meanwhile, down in Australia, a female alpaca has been born on the farm of our friends Keith and Jenny McEnry . They named her after Irene and myself. PeggyIrene. Alpaca have the mostest bestest softest fleece you could imagine and for their size. They are gentle creatures and they have very tiny, almost mewling voices.

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