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Her success lies largely with her ability to work and write within traditional modes. Many of these songs sound as though they have been around over the centuries. - Ira Mayer, New York Times

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With the singing voice of a 20-year old, the tone and temperament of a slightly acidic and world-wise 40-year old, and possessing the studied acumen of a 500-year old, the lady enjoyed a warm intimate gathering of friends and family upon the occasion of her 70th birthday at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, England.
- Mark S. Tucker

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I fly out again to California to a banjo spree organised by Peter Pardee where I hear unbelievable things played on the five- and (shock! horror!) four-string banjo. I'm not an instrument 'collector' but I buy a nylon-strung banjo made by Kevin Enoch (above). Banjo players who sing with your banjo: it's a whole new story to sing against nylgut strings! Hard to keep in tune though.

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