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I was absolutely captivated by Peggy Seeger. Her performance at the UU Dome was more than just a concert. It was an experience that involved and touched me. Her music is a wonderful blend of traditional and original songs. - Jan Milner

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The collaboration of a septuagenarian American folk music legend and a British experimental dance music producer may be highly improbable, but folk grande dame Peggy Seeger and Broadcaster have pulled off a genre-defying album full of hypnotic and hook-laden delights.
- Anon

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I fly out again to California to a banjo spree organised by Peter Pardee where I hear unbelievable things played on the five- and (shock! horror!) four-string banjo. I'm not an instrument 'collector' but I buy a nylon-strung banjo made by Kevin Enoch (above). Banjo players who sing with your banjo: it's a whole new story to sing against nylgut strings! Hard to keep in tune though.

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