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Seeger's collection is just the sort of book to get you in touch with your inner earnest, eco-feminist singer-songwriter. - Steve Winnick, Dirty Linen

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I came away from the auditorium holding back tears from the emotional impact of Peggy’s performance, and with a comforting, warm glow inside, a feeling of serious privilege at being in her company once again. I treasure every moment. Love will linger on…
-David Kidman

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I fly out to Sacramento for a concert with the offspring of Ellie and Gene Bluestein, friends of way back. Gene has moved on to the other world but I'm still in contact via e.mail with Ellie. Their children - Joel, Jemmy, Evo and Frayda - do excellently what children are supposed to do: carry on the work of their parents (please: that's said tongue-in-cheek). They produce wonderful music and look SO happy while they are doing it.

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