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Peggy's instrumental virtuosity is legendary: guitar, 5-string banjo, autoharp, English concertina, piano, as well as possessing a most extraordinary singing voice which surely gets better every year of her life. Yet some of the most magical moments of the evening were to be had when Peggy simply sat at the piano and tinkered, sharing gentle musical anecdotes with us or poems dedicated to the loves of her life. - Dave VanDoorn, Tradition Magazine

Peggy Quotes 2

One minute I was crying with laughter as Peggy read 1950s advice for wives.Then, like a curving ball from nowhere, a wave of emotion hit me and I was fighting to hide sobs, blinded by mascara, when Peggy sang The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.
- Sue Brough

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I fly out to Sacramento for a concert with the offspring of Ellie and Gene Bluestein, friends of way back. Gene has moved on to the other world but I'm still in contact via e.mail with Ellie. Their children - Joel, Jemmy, Evo and Frayda - do excellently what children are supposed to do: carry on the work of their parents (please: that's said tongue-in-cheek). They produce wonderful music and look SO happy while they are doing it.

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