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Peggy's instrumental virtuosity is legendary: guitar, 5-string banjo, autoharp, English concertina, piano, as well as possessing a most extraordinary singing voice which surely gets better every year of her life. Yet some of the most magical moments of the evening were to be had when Peggy simply sat at the piano and tinkered, sharing gentle musical anecdotes with us or poems dedicated to the loves of her life. - Dave VanDoorn, Tradition Magazine

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On the exceptional Odd Collection, Peggy offers up 18 original songs - and one spoken word performance - that reveal her to be a perspicacious commentator on both personal and political issues and a gifted composer, lyricist and singer.
- Mike Regenstreif


You Don't Know How Lucky You Are


Lie back and think of England ... that was the advice given to many a Victorian lady about to embark upon the seas of matrimony.  Sex was such a taboo subject that  piano legs were covered with ruffles for fear of offending tender sensibilities. My grandmother was born in the 1860s. She was instructed by her mother on her wedding-night to pretend to faint when conjugal operations began.  Then when it was over, you ‘came to’ with ‘Where am I?’ (But how did you know it was over if you were in a faint?) In other words, you lay back and thought of England. My father told me that story. Over the years I have probably embroidered on it (as Victorian women embroidered the strategically placed holes in their nightgowns) -  but you get my drift.  Women were not supposed to be forward about sex. They were not supposed to enjoy sex. They were not supposed to know about sex. These same creatures who menstruated every month and who endured pregnancy and labour and motherhood, were not supposed to know about sex?  I’m not sure I believe this.  I think women were really attempting keep men from knowing that they knew. Poor creatures, it would have been too much for them.

words and music: Peggy Seeger
disc 15A, 20, 21
© 1992 Peggy Seeger  (1)

Before you pour the wine out and turn the lights down low,
(Are you thinking I don’t notice that you’re taking it slow?)
There’s a little something I want you to know:
You don’t know how lucky you are.

I’m not just any woman looking for any man
And I don’t intend to change me to fit into your plan,
I’m a hell of an angel, and you’d better give a damn
You don’t know how lucky you are.

    I’m not the kind of woman who’d follow you around,
    Who wouldn’t let you be your own man and always kicking you around,
    Put you on a pedestal, then knock you down,
    You don’t know how lucky you are.

Now, I’m a woman knows how to use the door,
I’m writing you a love song and it’s † one you can’t ignore,
Lie back and think of England, ’cause I’ve been here before,
You don’t know how lucky you are.

Are you the kind of man who won’t share the dirt
Who can’t clean out a toilet or sew a button on a shirt?
Before I start the race, boy, I’m checking out the turf,
You don’t know how lucky you are.

            I’m not the kind of woman who cares to take a chance,
            Who’d trade a lot of living for a little romance...
            Shall I go home now?  Or do you want to dance
            And find out how lucky you are...?
      ’Cause I know how lucky you are!

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