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Her multi instrumentalism (guitar, autoharp, banjo, keyboards, concertina), her unashamed fealty to the politics of folk music (where gender wars, labour laws, ecology and Napoleon jostle for space), and her magnificent voice conspired to still a surprisingly small crowd who hung on her every note and syllable. - Siobhan Long, Irish Times

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I was at Cambridge Folk Festival this year, and you were my highlight!  Listening to you talk and sing about the importance of making conscious life decisions and the impact our seemingly isolated, individual decisions have on the rest of the world really resonated with me, as did your quiet approach to advocating for justice.  I was deeply moved, and it was a joy to listen to you.
Thank you so much.
- Leah x

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2009 JANUARY, FEBRUARY, MARCH Now back to 487 Kenepuru Road for what turns out to be a three-month lie-back-and-enjoy-the-NZ-summer. I have to get used to the fact that Irene is known in her habitat as Pyper. Pyper Scott. She made the name change when she ran Pyper's Place, her cafe in Asheville. People just called her Pyper and it being her mother's maiden name it came naturally to her to adopt it after her mother's death. We make the acquaintance of Earl Conroy, a nutrition guru (don't know if he would like that nomenclature) who, for our ills, takes us off meat, fowl, fish, dairy, wheat, alcohol, caffeine, sugar and other delights. Not so hard for Irene as she's been a vegetarian for forty years. We settle into supplements, citrus pectin, bowel cleanouts (thought we'd share that with you) and build-ups of immune systems. I lose 18 pounds over the 3 months. Am delighted. Trouble is, in October 2008 I gave away all the clothes that didn't fit me! Let's try on this a new image.

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